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  1. RNkm84

    Hospitals in Baton Rouge

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to find out from anyone available about the different hospitals in Baton Rouge. I may be relocating for my finace's job. I have about 4 years of experience from ED to case management. I'm specifically looking for which hospitals offer the best health benefits and work life balance (amount of PTO) etc. I would appreciate any input/advice that you can provide. Thanks!!!
  2. I had to respond when I read this. I also moved across the country for my first RN job in May of 2010, to a hospital in the middle of nowhere with horrible morale. There was very high turnover, we were always understaffed, everyone was negative, I was terrified every night that I worked, and I was precepting newer nurses as soon as I was off of my 3 month orientation... all I can say is hang in there. Try to stay away from the negativity and do your job. Find the people that you know you can learn from and stick with them. In my case, I just kept applying and applying back home until I got a job. I ended up only having to spend 8 months there, but it was a rough 8 months! Once you have your experience you can get out of that toxic environment and move on. Good luck, and try to stay positive. It will make you a stronger nurse in the end :-)
  3. RNkm84

    CA nurses moving/relocating to other states

    I graduated from nursing school in San Diego back in May, and relocated to Texas for a job. I definitely miss it, but a lot of my classmates back in CA are still unemployed and that wasn't a position that I could afford to be in. As much as I REALLY miss San Diego, I thought that in the long run the experience was worth it... not to mention needing the money for student loans! As far as the process, I just applied EVERYWHERE across the country. Ultimately I ended up getting interviews in a few different parts of TX and was offered jobs at two different hospitals. If you can relocate, I would encourage you to go for it. You can always move back home once you have some experience under your belt. It is definitely a sacrifice, but a job is a job!
  4. RNkm84

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    PVT worked for me! I tested on the 23rd, checked as soon as I got home and got the good pop-up. Today I found out that I passed!
  5. I'm in CA, and graduated in April with my BSN. I started applying all over the country back in January....applied at over 75 hospitals. Last week I was offered a job in TX, and I start in June! It can be done, it just takes a lot of time and effort. Good luck to all of you!
  6. RNkm84

    Scott and White - June, 2010

    Is anyone else starting as a nurse intern at Scott and White on the 7th?
  7. RNkm84

    CHRISTUS Santa Rosa - San Antonio

    I applied to most of them and haven't heard anything. I never even got a confirmation when I sent my letters and transcripts that my file was complete or anything. They seem overwhelmed with all of the applications! Hopefully we'll hear soon! Good luck to you both.
  8. We had to take the predictor a few weeks ago, and it was much easier than I had anticipated. It is similar to the practice tests. If you have been taking ATI exams throughout nursing school, you'll do great. They prepare you well for the predictor. Good luck!
  9. RNkm84

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    I wasn't selected either... I'm definitely disappointed, but on to the next! Good luck to all of you who were selected, and to those who were not in your continued search!
  10. RNkm84

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    Same email here as well. Good luck to all of you!
  11. RNkm84

    Methodist Houston New Grad Residency Question

    http://www.mymethodist.com/tmhs/basic.do?channelId=-1073832724&contentId=1073928904&contentType=HOSPITAL_CONTENT_TYPE It says "successful completion of an accredited BSN program"
  12. RNkm84

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    Thanks AngelRN! How long was the time period from when the applications were due until they contacted people for interviews? Thanks and good luck this week! Let us know how it goes.
  13. RNkm84

    parkland critical care and trauma internship

    Hey Srobinson! Have you been contacted for an interview yet? I just finished my online application and will be sending my supplemental application in on Monday. Do you have any idea how competitive the program is or how many people the accept? I think that I am also going to apply for the critical care residency once the positions are posted. Good luck to you!
  14. RNkm84

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    My first two choices were Peds and Adult Critical Care. I'm sure that they are the most competitive, but I figured that if I'm moving all the way across the country it should be for something that I really want! From reading this forum, it looks like the interviewed people for areas that weren't their top choice in the past. We'll see! Good luck to all of you! I'm curious to know how many people have applied!
  15. RNkm84

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    Hi everyone. Congrats to all of you who are about to start next week! Is anyone here applying for the July, 2010 Residency? I'm just waiting on one more reference before I can send my packet in. I have no idea where I'll stand compared to the competition, but I figured it's worth a shot for such a good program!