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I took my NCLEX in AL yesterday and as soon as it said delivery successful, I tried the trick and I got the good pop up!! Then today when I looked on the AL Board of Nursing my name is listed as an... Read More

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    does the trick work even if you took your test on a Saturday?

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    Quote from alyscia27
    does the trick work even if you took your test on a Saturday?
    I took mine on a Saturday and it worked! Passed with 80 questions.
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    Congrats!! I felt the same way when I did it also haha. Good luck on your job hunting!
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    Congrats! I can't wait until i'm in your position!
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    Hello all! Congratulations!! I got the good pop up immediately after I tested on January 15th, 2014 and found out 48 hours afterward with quick results that I am officially an RN!! I got over 100 questions. Also, I recently interviewed with Duke and am still waiting to hear back. Has anyone else interviewed with Duke?
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    I also got the good pop up on the 15th and my license # was issued the 16th! Congrats everyone. Seems like the PVT is still quite accurate.
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    Hi! Just chiming in to say the trick still works. Took my exam Tuesday 1/21/14 and got the "good pop-up" immediately afterwards and consistently thereafter. This morning 1/23/14, I found out with quick results that I passed! My license # still isn't up on the MA BON so I used quick results. I also got all 265 questions: at least 30-40 SATA, 4-5 med calcs, 5-7 drag-and-drop in order, and many many medication and "who would you assess first" questions.
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    Yay! I tested on the 21st, got the good pop up and today my license number was posted on the board website!! 75Q and an hour of my time! Thank GOD
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    SlinkyheadRN I also tested on the 21st with 75 questions, passed per the PVT, and my license was posted yesterday. Congratulations to you! It is still so surreal to me.
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    The PVT also worked for me! I tested yesterday 1/22 and got the "good pop up" right after the test & today my license # was posted on the board of nursing website!! It really works!!

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