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  1. BosPediRN

    Interview Invite....In scrubs?

    Hi All, I was invited in for an interview Wednesday for an RN position on a general inpatient medical unit. I will have an interview with the nurse manager for one hour and then shadow for two hours. They asked me to wear scrubs. A few questions: 1) I was planning on wearing plain blue hospital scrubs with a long sleeved shirt underneath and my black clogs. Is this ok? 2) What in the world will I be expected to do shadowing? Should I be prepared to prime lines, hang meds, flush lines, etc? 3) Has anyone had this type of experience before??? What did you do while shadowing? Thanks for any and all responses! I just want to be as prepared as possible so I can nail this job! :)
  2. BosPediRN

    New Grad Cover Letter help!

    Thanks for everyone's advice! This is a cover letter specifically for a interview that is TOMORROW with the nurse manager on the unit that I am completing my preceptorship on. I would LOVE to get hired on this floor so I really need to knock it out of the park. Going forward, I plan to upload a somewhat more generic letter onto the hospital's HR website.
  3. BosPediRN

    New Grad Cover Letter help!

    Hi Everyone! I will be completing my BSN in December and sitting for the boards in Jan. I'm currently completing my preceptorship on a pediatric stem cell transplant unit and plan to apply for pediatric positions in the next few months. I think my CV/resume is strong, I'm just having a hard time striking a balance between brief and individualized in my cover letter. I would love any advice and edits you can give.Thanks for your time!!! X X X Road X, MA 00000 Cell (000) 000-0000 pediRN2b@gmail.edu October 29, 2013 X X Nurse Manager/Recruiter X Hospital 1 XX Street X City, XX, 11111 Dear Ms. X, I am writing to express my interest in X position at your institution. I am currently a second degree BSN student at X College and will graduate with honors in December 2013. I believe that my strong work ethic, ability to communicate in teams, and previous clinical experience will be a valuable asset to your unit. As you will see from my resume, the earliest building blocks of my nursing career, even before completing nursing school, have their foundation in pediatrics. I was employed at X X Hospital from 2008 until beginning my nursing education in June 2012. As I complete my senior preceptorship on a pediatric stem cell transplant unit, I am eager to expand upon my clinical skills and the embrace the challenge of accurately assessing patients' and families' physical and emotional needs in order to provide accurate management, education, and support in relation to both short-term and long-term health issues. Overall, I am confident that my skills will match the needs of this position, and my ambition will provide strong contributions to your unit. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, pediRN2b
  4. BosPediRN

    MCPHS Accel program-any students out there?

    Hi, Not sure if the question above is directed at me? The interview at MCPHS Manchester was fine, more of a conversation than an interview. I was accepted to the program shortly after the interview in the winter but declined to attend Simmons College.
  5. BosPediRN

    Accepted: Simmons Dix Scholar Nursing Program!!!

    BostonTerrier, thanks for the PM! I can't send one back until I have 15 posts on this site. I was able to switch into the 18 month program which actually starts in June this year! (I guess last year's class felt that there wasn't enough time in the semester for the required content).
  6. BosPediRN

    Waitlists - Update as you get response

    Wait listed at MGHIHP for the PNP track. I declined my spot at Regis in the beginning of March and am currently registered at Simmons for the fall...hoping to hear from MGH though!
  7. BosPediRN

    MCPHS Accel program-any students out there?

    Hi Everyone, I just received a letter inviting me to interview at MCPHS Manchester. Has anyone else interviewed at this campus? Any advice or recommendations? Thanks!

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