Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX RN 2017 265 Questions Wisconsin - page 37

Hey all! I wanted to give a quick update to the Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) 2017. While looking for if the "trick" still worked, I didn't see much updated info, and wanted to hopefully alleviate some... Read More

  1. by   DarcyInSATX
    Clerk at testing center only knew about the Quick Results, and that wasn't available until nearly 48 hours later. Used the PearsonVue trick same evening, and it said I had already scheduled the exam and another could not be scheduled at that time--the good pop-up. I did, in fact pass!
    I would be willing to pay to find out what my score was, but a quiz of 85 questions with 15 that don't count (those questions are being tested) is just 70 questions and is not comprehensive. Not with three cardiac strip questions and not a single dosage calculation.
    Grateful to have AllNurses to consult!