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  1. deekayy

    Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX RN 2017 265 Questions Wisconsin

    Just reporting back and update you guys that the trick worked for me. Took it 9/1 and passed on 9/5 in CA. Ended with 75 questions.
  2. deekayy

    LA Harbor College Spring 2015 ADN Applicants

    If you got an invitation, the last day to reply was last week on the 3rd for me that is. I'm sure there's some people that didn't reply on time. So there should be some open spots for the program. Maybe you have to rephrase your question, "how many applicants did not reply on time"?
  3. deekayy

    National University April 2015

    Congrats! @renathabest I am also thinking about applying to the LA campus as well. I need to get my transcripts and need to pay for the application fee. Did you go through an adviser to go over the transcripts?
  4. deekayy

    MSU Denver ANO Program

    Congratulations! Did you get a message/e-mail from your personal or school?
  5. Hi guys, I'm also planning to apply to National University as well. I spoke with one of the adviser and he mentioned that if know anyone that attends to the university, my application will be waived. Is there anyone that doesn't mind if i refer your name to my adviser? You can private message me, thank you.
  6. deekayy

    Western University MSN-E 2015 Applicants

    I called them as well and it looks like they were able to match up my documents as well. Apparently they are behind in schedule this year-round. As long as you turn in your required documents before the deadline you should be fine.
  7. deekayy

    MSU Denver ANO Program

    @mkane6206 I just got an e-mail as well that I was placed on the alternate pool. Kind of a bummer, but I hope there's open space before the program starts. I'm out of state so hopefully they will notify me soon.
  8. deekayy

    Western University MSN-E 2015 Applicants

    Hey guys, I agree. I got an e-mail stating that my documents were still not received to EDS and I turned all of my documents in by Oct. 1. They said to call them back on Friday so I will go ahead and do that.
  9. I tried calling. The number is an 781 area code and I keep getting a voicemail. The person is named nicole? Any body have the same number?
  10. I have not gotten any reply via e-mail since I turned in my application back in Dec. so I decided to give them a call. Admissions said that the direct entry program is full and that the hybrid program is available for applicants if they are admitted. They mentioned that I should be receiving a call or follow up information about the hybrid program if I get accepted. Does anybody have info on the hybrid program or is in it?
  11. deekayy

    Western University MSN-E 2014

    Just passing the info. I received an e-mail a couple days after Jan 22nd (my interview day) providing all the information from DM of how the interview process is structured. Everyone should be getting a admission status no longer than March 14 for those that were interviewed. The e-mail did not specify if the notification will be mail or electronic. The header of the e-mail should be "Thank You!"