Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX RN 2017 265 Questions Wisconsin - page 34

Hey all! I wanted to give a quick update to the Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) 2017. While looking for if the "trick" still worked, I didn't see much updated info, and wanted to hopefully alleviate some... Read More

  1. by   Sabina'sanRN
    I tested Aug 9,2017 the pvt trick worked for me. I did it as soon as I left the testing site and multiple times after, each time I got the good pop up. I got my 48 hour unofficial results and I PASSED. The trick is alive and well if you do it correctly and yes it takes you to the cc information you enter it and press submit . if you passed it won't let you register and if it charges you then you failed.
  2. by   Angel01348
    I got 186 questions today, pretty sure my last question was right and got the "good pop up." Not sure how i feel tho 😬
  3. by   kjohns87
    These boards kept me sane the past few weeks so I thought I would share my story! I wrote the NCLEX in Canada on Aug 2nd, finished with 75 Q, did the PVT the morning of Aug 3rd and got the good pop up, then of course did it pretty much every day until I got my results. Found out today I passed! I know it's not 100% but it worked for me!
  4. by   SimSim11178
    HI all
    I went through so many of these posts and threads and the way I felt the entire time was horrible. I want to help others.
    I finished my RN degree in December of 2016 and after a loooong time I finally finished paying off my loans and registered to take my NCLEX in August of 2017.
    I am in CA, Los Angeles. Took my exam in Pasadena. I only studied off of UWORLD and the BRN videos.
    I took 80 questions, I got the research questions as well but at that moment I was shaking so I decided not to take the research questions. and ended my exam. I got tons of SATA, ICU and priorities, a few of the order questions but no math no hot spot no insulin, no injection, no meds.
    I went through tons of these threads to find an answer. I took my exam on Friday 8-11 at 2 pm. It took me only 70 minutes to take 80 questions. The pearson said they will send an email and I can go from there. Today is Tuesday and I never got the email, checked my spam too, called them yesterday and they said I have to wait. My friend said let's try the pop up trick and we did on Monday and I got the good pop up. It said our records indicate that you have recently scheduled an exam ............................ She said you passed I am sure. I called my professor he said to check the BRN website to verify license, and I did on Monday night but nothing. I could only see my LVN. This morning on TUESDAY only 4 days after the exam on Friday afternoon. my name showed up on the license at 7 am. My coworker took a picture and texted it to me.
    Pearson works, license pulls up quickly and I am speechless. This was the most difficult time of my life and I experienced an intense pain. But now is over. I passed. I recommend all of you to just take the Uworld questions and read the rationals. My questions were very similar to uworld.
    We all can do this.