Passed RN NCLEX with 75 q in 45 mins

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    I had a LOT of SATA's. I'd say close to 40%. Those were the only alt type questions that I had. It was quite difficult. More-so than I had imagined. I took the NCLEX PN 14 years ago and passed with 85 questions.

    I took it ASAP, about 1 month after graduation (Jan 8th). I did not study at all (I couldn't - my brain wouldn't accept any information). Didn't take any reviews.

    Good luck to all those getting ready to take it.
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    Congratulations u finish 75 q in least than 1 hour wow your did u study.
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    She said she didnt studied or used any review Kemifair =D
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    Congrats! I didnt study either and passed in 75 questions and under an hour. I figured if I didnt know the info by then I never would know it!
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    Mine was a lot of select all as well - and tons of meds! I had 75 questions and finished in under 30 min - I've always taken tests super fast. The 'trick' didn't work for me because my results were flagged bc I tested so fast... Took a few days! Congrats to you!!!!!!!
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    Congrats sata are me weakness
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    WOW!!! I was out in 70 mins, but 40-50??? I guess I could've been in the same boat if I didn't spend 15 minutes doing a guided imagery exercise! lol..either way, congrats!!!

    PS: SATA was about 45% for me...don't ask me what questions they were, just knew they were ALL a blur!!!
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    nearly half sata is like a nightmare for me. my worst is putting things in order.
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    I like the ordered ones... but didn't have any. I despise SATAs, so I was in shock when it shut off at 75 questions.

    Like Bubblejet, i figured if I didn't know it, I wasn't going to get it...

    WOW, MrsP, that is amazing. I thought I was quick. I was usually the 2nd or 3rd person in my class to finish a test, sometimes the first. I got pretty quick. With the NCLEX, I did take a bit more time to read and make sure I didn't misread and didn't miss that critical... which do you NOT do... and such.

    LadyFree, I hear ya... I don't think I could remember a single question if I tried!!

    Thanks, and good luck to those getting ready to take it!

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