Overcoming NCLEX test anxiety...

  1. How did you cope on your test day? I know not to study the day before or the day of. I am afraid that I will have major test anxiety when I take NCLEX that will effect my score. Besides breathing into a bag any suggestions? I am taking the test July 2nd. Also what would be a good breakfast the day of?
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  3. by   TangoLima
    Took NCLEX this morning. I don't usually have a huge problem with test anxiety, but I still was a little nervous. Nothing bad, just some butterflies.

    I did whatever I wanted to do yesterday (watch TV, sleep, etc.) I did look over a couple of things, but not any major studying. This morning I took my time getting up (test was at 10:00), visited with my husband, took my time getting ready. Just basically had a non-rushed morning. I had a 1 hour drive to the testing center, and I listened to my iPod all the way there. I picked sassy, energetic songs and sung at the top of my lungs. I'm sure I looked silly, but I was having fun anyway.

    As for breakfast, eat something with protein to level out your blood sugar and feed your brain. My hubby made eggs, grits, bacon, and toast.

    Now just playing the waiting game. Good luck to you. :heartbeat
  4. by   racing-mom4
    Start practicing some relaxation tools now. Know that in states of mild anxiety we are actually at our sharpest, so embrace that and let it work for you.

    I did a lot of positive thinking. I would envision a black horizontal line that being the 50% line and then a red upward sloping line, that being me reaching the harder levels of questions.

    I would almost chant the #75 and envision a blue screen every night before I went to bed.

    During the actual exam when I came across a question that I did not clearly know, I would tell myself, OK your reaching the harder questions now, this is a good thing.

    Best thing you can do is study all you can now, that way when you drive up to Pearson Vue you will have no doubts that you did everything humanly possible to get your self ready.

    Also know there are millions that would kill to trade places with you right now, who would do anything to be done with school, done with clinicals, done with care plans. You made it--you graduated and your ready to prove yourself to Lady Nclex.

    About 3 days before my test I just vegged out, cleaned some closets, took long walks, just like my mind relax. Get a good nights sleep and I agree eat healthy adn drink lots of water.

    This is what you worked for, enjoy every minute of it, dont look at Nclex as a punishment, look at is as a reward for completing school. This is a way for you to shine and prove to everyone, your a nurse.
  5. by   Sara1234
    I've never really had test anxiety until now. I've failed the nclex so many times I freak out before I take the test. I don't know if I should take my test at another site or stay at the same place. I am a bit embarrassed that the employees at the test center remember me.
  6. by   JeffSchoolRN2b
    i.ve taken the RN NCLEX 4 times now and still not achieved my goal, i knw i have major test anxiety, have thought about hypnosis, has anyone ever tried this method to relieve test anxiety?
  7. by   caliotter3
    I would go with deep breathing exercises and visualization.
  8. by   Rednights
    I know this isn't going to help you ... I was literally studying in my car (didn't want to be late) outside the testing center for 2 hours. It kept me sane instead of just sitting there waiting for dooms day.