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  1. NaHCO3 lead to SVT?

    Hi all, Had a really rough/busy night last night, but I'll get straight to my question: One of my patients has a suspected case of necrotizing fasciitis. Her lactic acid on admission was 10.8, and had orders to start her on 1/2NS with 2 amps HCO3 at ...
  2. what are common times to run IV's in ?

    At our hospital: K+ infused at 10 mEq/hr even in the ICU. Mg++ infused at 2 gm over 4 hrs. This is per the pharmacy's recommendations. Maybe it COULD be infused faster, but I have never done it. The others I don't end up doing very often, so I don't...
  3. ICU visiting hours.. What is reasonable?

    Our official visiting hours are 1000 - 1800 and 1930 - 2030. We do not allow visitors to stay overnight unless the patient is dying. They are welcome to stay in the waiting room, and our hospital maintains a certain number of "hotel rooms" next to th...
  4. Patients who are too unstable to turn

    Our beds have a rotation function built into them. You can set how much of an angle you want to turn the patient and what time interval. I usually always set the bed to 30-degree rotation each 15 minutes on all my patients, and then prop them on pil...
  5. Futile care

    I don't disagree that often times, the families aren't ready to let go and we end up basically torturing their loved ones until they die. I also agree that it is completely appropriate to present the facts to the family, the expected course based on ...
  6. Leveling Art Line

    I'm sure this has been discussed many times on this site, but here goes...... I have been in the MS ICU for about 6 months, and don't have a lot of experience with hemo monitoring with A-lines, Swanz, etc. We just don't get many patients that critica...
  7. Highest temp you've seen?

    I can't remember precisely, but I want to say 107ish. They were suspecting some form of malignant hyperthermia, although, no recent surgery or anesthesia. If I remember correctly, they were thinking it was related to some psych meds she had been taki...
  8. checking NG tube placement

    What is insufflation, and how would one do it?
  9. What do you consider a positive troponin?

    I think our hospital considers anything over 0.1 as positive. However, these patients will usually go to a telemetry floor unless unstable or having an active MI. When I was on tele, we would routinely get patients on Nitro gtt. Positive troponins ca...
  10. How do you stay sexy in nursing school

    This was the best reply so far! Made me crack up! I take a shower before each shift, brush my teeth, and wear deodorant. I usually pull my hair back in some way, but sometimes wear it down. I wear natural makeup. My scrubs are clean and in good c...
  11. Sugar for newborns does not relieve pain: study

    I will probably get flamed for this.... I will preface this comment by saying I'm not in NICU, so am not very familiar with what procedures would sugar alone be used as analgesia. For a simple heel stick, I would say that it's over really fast, so pe...
  12. Joined AACN, was it worth it?

    I just joined AACN too. I haven't received any of the publications yet, so can't speak to their usefulness. I find a lot of articles to be less than helpful. Like, I just read an article on ST segment monitoring (actually, I started reading it, got ...
  13. Was I wrong?

    I am considering going into HH on PRN basis for extra $$. Is doing dishes/laundry for the patients usually expected? I'm not above doing laundry/dishes, but I didn't envision going to nursing school to end up doing dishes/laundry. I understand the OP...
  14. Should CVVHD be 1:1

    In our unit, CRRT is 1:1. I routinely have 2 vents, which in some ways I prefer over someone who is on the call bell every 30 minutes. The 1:1 vent sounds like a dream come true. Sign me up!
  15. FFP with diprivan?

    What do you mean by "cutdown technique"?