NurseGreeneyes is officiall an RN!!!!! Woo-Hoo NurseGreeneyes is officiall an RN!!!!! Woo-Hoo | allnurses

NurseGreeneyes is officiall an RN!!!!! Woo-Hoo

  1. 0 hey everyone!

    i did it! i did it! omg! omg!

    i'am officially [font="arial black"]nursegreeneyes rn! yes! rn!

    i just want to say to all my buddies and new friends and especially to all the staff............thank you, thank you for all your support!

    im off to work, so im making this short! going in to tell everyone i'm an rn now....say goodbye to this old lvn!!!!

    thank you! thank you for all your encouraging support!

    luv you all!!!!

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    oh congratulations. see i told you. you'll pass because you rock :rckn: *wine its party time!!!

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    AWESOME JOB!!rdnrs:
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    I Knew You Would Beat That Test With A Stick !!! Congrads Sweetie And All The Best!!!
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    That's Awesome!!! Congrats!!!
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