Nclex whiteboard limit decision tree

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    can you write your Kaplan decision tree on the white board?
    how many white boards are you allowed?
    is it only for math questions? (not thought processes)
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    Once the tuition section is over you can write on the white boards. I believe you can use as many as you want but are not allowed to brain dump

    • The TA will provide you with an erasable note board and marker before you enter the testing room.
    • You may not write on the note board until after the tutorial is complete. Any writing before or during the tutorial is considered "brain dumping" and will result in an incident report and results being placed on hold.
    • A clean note board can be requested during your examination by raising your hand. The erasable note board and marker may not be removed from the testing room during the examination except by the TA, and these items must be returned to the TA after the examination.
    • Writing on any materials other than the note board is considered brain dumping and will result in an incident report and results will be placed on hold.
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    Is writing the decision tree for the questions, like your thought process, brain dumping?
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    you can write anything you want on it after the tutorial, not before.

    After the tutorial I wrote down a bunch of lab values I had in my head before I answered the first test question.
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    See that is what is confusing to me. How is writing down a bunch of lab values not considered brain dumping?
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    They look at brain dumping by when you write, not what you write.

    I guess they figure by the time you get done with the tutorial anything you had been saying in your mind to remember and write down quickly is gone. While I did write the lab values down, I never looked at them, I remembered them off hand while reading the questions. Now did me writing them down help me with that, maybe.
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    Ooooo, I see. Timing is the key. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Also, if you fill up a white board right after the tutorial finishes and before you answer any questions and request a second one to write more on, then your test may be put on hold. It is possible they may fail you if you write that much. But writing out a decision tree to refer to during the test, some mnemonics or some lab values (when I say I wrote down a bunch, it was about 7-8 that I always had a hard time remembering, not 20 or 30 values) should not be an issue.

    As always, you can ask the Pearsons rep right before you take the test for clarification.
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    Thank you! Took my test yesterday and I was able to write the tree... you were right the only thing you can't do is "brain dump" during the tutorial!
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    Our kaplan instructor said we should use the white board like this:

    1. I or A
    2.I or A
    3. I or A
    4. I or A

    Remember Assessments (A) take precedence in most cases over implementations (I). I did not use the white board though.

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