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NCLEX tomorrow at 8am!

  1. 0 Well, tomorrow is THE DAY! I am actually excited to take this next step. I have prepared all I can prepare, and all I can do now is trust in myself! I will be watching the Texas Longhorns tonight play in the Fiesta bowl and enjoying my time with family. I am done studying! Send me good vibes!
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    Best wishes!!!
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    good luck u will do fine !
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    i wish you the best! get a good night's sleep tonight!
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    Good luck and good idea on taking a break
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    Good Luck!!!!! You can do it!!!! :wshgrt:
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    Good luck to you.
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    Wishing you good luck on your big day!
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    God Bless keep your head up !:heartbeat
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    May God be with you, and good luck.:typing
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    Thanks guys...I just got back. The computer shut off at 75. About three SATA, meds, a couple of psyche, a couple of infection control, a couple of prioritization, and some addison's disease questions. No math. I don't know. I am nervous.
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    good luck!
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    All the best for a positive outcome!