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NCLEX Study Guide Question

  1. 6 Hey everybody,

    So, my NCLEX test is coming up on Friday (AHHHHHHH) and this will be the second time I am taking it and extremely nervous to fail again, but that's not my question. A few days ago, I found a study guide here:

    I was wondering if anyone has used this or could take a quick look over this to make sure I am not learning all the wrong information before I walk into this test again. I know it's an absurd question, but frankly, I am freaking out over here and don't want to fail this again. I'd be ultimately devastated even though I know it's not the end of the world.

    One of the main reasons I ask is because I could have sworn when reading in my ATI books it says for a patient who receives a lumbar puncture, they should line prone for 4-12 to prevent leakage of CSF and prevention of headaches, but on this guide (twice) it says lay supine.

    Any thoughts on both?

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    Hey would you be Able to send me this attachment. It won't let me open the link. Thanks
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    Thank you so much! This is awesome! I will be taking mine sometimes in the beginning of 2014! I am so nervous already!
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    with lumber puncture, patient should lie lateral with the back bowed during the procedure then supine for 4-12 hours after the procedure. I hope I'm right?
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    It should be supine. Never prone!
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    Thank you so much for the helpful link.
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    please send me one too. God bless you
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    Ive studied about 4-5 different sources and ive always read that you lay supine after a lumbar puncture to prevent headaches and prevent csf leakage not prone.
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    I used this same exact study guide to study nclex and it did help out.
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    Im praying the study guide is correct,I read a few post where people said they used it and it helped them out a lot.I failed my PN N Cleax in Oct 2013 and getting ready to retest and Im using it.I love the codes they give you to remember things.I always thought after a lumber the pt sholud remain supine for 4 hours,I never heard of the prone position
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    Im praying it helps because thats all I plan to look at 3 days before I test!
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    I used the study guide and it helped me as well.
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    thanks again for the study guide...looking to retake the PN early 2014...good luck everyone