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  1. jacomini.c

    Did anyone pass NCLEX-RN by using only ATI study material?

    Hey there, ATI is by far the best review system out there. I, like an idiot, decided to not use the ATI tutor after I graduated and try doing a quick review before my test. It resulted in failure nonetheless. So, second time around, I worked with my tutor and passed with 83 questions. If you do ATI, make sure you listen to your tutor whether you think you should be ready in 3 weeks and they say 6, just follow what they say and actually STUDY. They will not send you in there without atleast a 90% chance of passing the NCLEX. Hope that helps, Chase
  2. jacomini.c

    How many weeks before taking NCLEX

    Hello, To be honest, it really depends on what your strengths and weaknesses in each category are and your commitment to the test. First off, the NCLEX, is not a joke. Cramming may work for some, but if you're someone who really needs to warp their head around the information before taking a test, make sure you leave a good 3 to 4 weeks to study. The review course is also a great idea and they should give an answer about how long it will take you to review before you are ready for the exam. According to the ATI plan I did, it took me 4 weeks before I was ready for my second chance. I ultimately delayed it till a later date because my test anxiety was in overdrive. Also, look into a few other books to help you with your studying. These were very helpful for me and trust me, in the long run, you'll be glad you spent the money and time for a career that is high in demand and growing every year. Here are the books. http://www.amazon.com/Prioritization-Delegation-Assignment-Exercises-Examination/dp/0323065708/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1322988818&sr=8-6 http://www.amazon.com/Lippincotts-NCLEX-RN-Alternate-Format-Questions-Lippincott/dp/1609133072/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1322989093&sr=8-7 Good luck and hope that was a little bit helpful. -Chase
  3. jacomini.c

    OR Nursing and Abroad

    Hello nurses, I recently passed my NCLEX examination and started a new job which I am thrilled with in psychiatry. I have always found it harder to make an impact and get into OR nursing since most hospitals are looking for experience before hire. Is there anything I should know to try and get my foot in the door with OR nursing? I really want to try it out at some point in my career. I loved working as a CNA for a small plastic and oral surgery outpatient clinic which is why I would like to try OR nursing. Also, I love psychiatry and OR nursing, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with international nursing. I love traveling and although it's not ideal for my career, I have heard some stories about traveling to countries to help those less fortunate with health care needs as a registered nurse. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on how I could make my way into that dream of mine as well? I know I need experience before I go gallavanting off into a foreign country, but I want to make sure that I start learning what I need to know now before I'm too far gone and have made a mistake. Thanks for your time if you read this, Chase
  4. jacomini.c

    NCLEX Tomorrow

    So... This will be the second time around I will be attempting to pass the NCLEX and was wondering if anyone had any last minute tips for me while I'm freaking out. Thanks, Chaser
  5. jacomini.c

    NCLEX Study Guide Question

    Hey everybody, So, my NCLEX test is coming up on Friday (AHHHHHHH) and this will be the second time I am taking it and extremely nervous to fail again, but that's not my question. A few days ago, I found a study guide here on allnurses.com. I was wondering if anyone has used this or could take a quick look over this to make sure I am not learning all the wrong information before I walk into this test again. I know it's an absurd question, but frankly, I am freaking out over here and don't want to fail this again. I'd be ultimately devastated even though I know it's not the end of the world. One of the main reasons I ask is because I could have sworn when reading in my ATI books it says for a patient who receives a lumbar puncture, they should line prone for 4-12 to prevent leakage of CSF and prevention of headaches, but on this guide (twice) it says lay supine. Any thoughts on both? Articles on Passing the NCLEX Passed my NCLEX-RN! My NCLEX Review Material Tips Passed NCLEX-RN 2015 in 75 questions NCLEX Study Tips! My Story Check Out 'The Secret to Passing the NCLEX Test' Video [video=youtube_share;Uk0BZ2p9Qfs] NCLEX-Study-Guide.pdf
  6. jacomini.c

    NCLEX 2nd Time Around Question

    Hello, Long time reader of this website, first time poster. So I have a question about taking the N-CLEX the second time around. I am even more anxious this time around than I was the last time, but it's not from test anxiety or anything like that, but the fact that I HAVE NO IDEA what the repercussions are if you fail the N-CLEX the 2nd time around is. I know you have to wait 45 days to re-test when you fail the first time Massachusetts, but I heard if you fail twice you cannot retake for a year! This has caused me to move my test back several times and I am thinking of doing it again. Does anyone know where I can find the correct information or know personally themselves? Please help if you can since time is of the essence (my test is Wednesday). -Chase