is NCLEX RN 4000 free online just like the 3500?

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    does anyone know if the nclex 4000 is also available for free like 3500? if so, can you please reply with the link.

    thank you

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    I haven't been able to find the 4000 version online, just for purchase. I have used the 3500 online version, and liked it.

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    what is the link to the nclex 3500?
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    You should use Internet Explorer as your browser, I use Mozilla and it doesn't fully engage like it does with Explorer.

    Hope this helps
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    thank you
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    dont waste ur time with those ques. they are not analysis/app ques. and do not cover who u going to see first, what person are u going to put where etc...i have the cd bought when it 1st came out used it during nursing tremendously but when preparing for the boards i used something else...i pass today with 75
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    do you recommend any other cds that will be good practice for the NCLEX or should i just answer alot of questions?
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    Just get used to answering questions. Make sure you read the rationale and fully understand what is being asked
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    [quote=leeviarn;3560592]dont waste ur time with those ques. they are not analysis/app ques. and do not cover who u going to see first, what person are u going to put where etc...

    i have to disagree with this statement, as long as you are taking in practice questions that give you rationale, you are doing yourself a favor. when you take the nclex you don't know what types of questions you will get, not everyone gets strictly the above mentioned style questions. i had a friend who took hers and the majority was meds, had another friend who ended up with tons of physiology questions and very little pharm, had another friend who got nailed with lots of psych questions. so, having said that i think where the nclex is concerned, the more the better and the more varied the better.

    how exactly are you wasting time if you are answering questions? very odd statement don't you think?
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    Very odd indeed....Especially since you can tailor the questions to what your weakness areas of nursing are......I enjoy using the NCLEX-RN 3500.....I do a batch of questions before I leave for work in the am....but when I study after work I am using the Saunders 4th Edition as well as a book on Prioritizing..... I think that it has helped me feel more prepared this time......any questions with the rationale are useful....and its FREE!!!! Not much is these days.....
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