NCLEX on Monday - Please wish me the best; Not feeling confident

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    I'm scheduled to take the NCLEX on Monday, March 4th.

    I studied Saunders for content (for the past two months). I just got done reviewing the whole book. I also signed up for NCSBN 3 week review course to practice questions.

    Well I keep scoring 55-65% on their quizzes which has destroyed my confidence! I'm thinking about taking a Kaplan quiz tomorrow to see how I would score... but I'm not sure now.

    What were your scores on NCSBN and did you pass NCLEX on first try?

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    Tomorrow? Piece of advice, you should be resting now and don't push yourself too hard. You will pass it, have faith and good luck.
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    wishing u success in ur test,i trained in my homecountry.i just got my ATT from californiaboard of registered nurses.i took Kaplan review course:q1 57 q2 56,q3 56,q4 59,q5 58,q6 65,q7 66.
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    I got my eligibility letter from california
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    is eligibility letter different from ATT
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    I just signedup for the website .I trained as a RN in my homecountry ,i got my eligibility letter from californiaboard of registereenursing .I want to know if eligibility letter is different from ATT.i need help with studymaterials ,what books or RNcoursereviews are the best?i live in los angeles,i need studypartner.thanks
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    Take care of yourself today. Do something physical to help relieve some anxiety.

    At this point you know what you know and 24 hours is not going to do much for you. However, you graduated nursing school because you know your content. You have had hundreds of tests that you have passed prior to this one. I don't think many of us feel confident going in but I think it's mostly because so much is riding on this test.

    When you sit down at the testing center take a deep breath and focus. It's one question at a time. You can do this. Good luck tomorrow.
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    i wish you the very best but please forget about the kaplan test you plan to take today cos the result might even depress you more. you will never be very prepared for this exam, you'll always feel you still have a lot of I's to dot. Hold on to what you know, relax and above all PRAY!!!. You'll pass!!!
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    Good Luck Relax & do something you love today
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    good luck i have NCSBN too. my score was before 50 to 60, once i completed now iam doing again all quizs now my sore is 70 to 85%. i can not tell you we see sometimes score doesn,t matter. bacaz some student they got good score and get anxious on exam day and fail and some not good score but they pass. so you will be good. just RELAX AND PRAY. you know a lot so just put your all knowledge into exam. i wish you GOOD LUCK.
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