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I'm taking my NCLEX on March 11th. I graduated December 16th and wanted enough time to study. I've started using Uworld (Love it!), I've used Kaplan, LaCharity and Lippincotts Alternate Questions. ... Read More

  1. by   itsyoboyRNBScN
    Did you do the PVT?
  2. by   Faith4everRN
    Not yet.. this is my second attempt for nclex RN.. Maybe I'm just scared that the PVT will give me the same pop up like the first time I tried it.. until now there is no change in my breeze acct.. no letter in the mail too. I hope I passed
  3. by   FutureDNP2021
    I take my NCLEX this Friday 3/31/17 and HAVE to pass because my new job starts on Monday Boards are enough stress already by itself, but all of this extra pressure of my licence deadline is almost too much to bear. I know that God brought me this far, He wont "FAIL" me now. I must stay focused & keep the faith. Please keep me in your prayers AN
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  4. by   Faith4everRN
    Its been 7days now since I took my nclex rn.. until
    now no changes in my breeze acct, no letter in mail.. no pending or open status..
  5. by   isabel135
    HI guys, I'm taking my NCLEX tomorrow at 2!!! I'm so nervous. Ive been using both Mastery APP and Saunders but mostly the app. I took my ATI predictor back in January and I scored 99% chance of passing, did one more ATI predictor for new test plan last week and I scored 96% chance of passing. I'm freaking out because my strongest points seem to be med surg and maternity with my weakest being Mental health and pharm. Wishing all of you good luck. We can DO THIS!