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Hi Everyone, I was just curious as to what, how everyone else was doing in their kaplan, saunders or whichever nclex practice scores and uh the result of your nclex exam. Most of the posts i found... Read More

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    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]o.m.g- im taking the nclex in exactly 31 hours and im super nervous. here are my scores.... im taking the readiness tomorrow morning since im burnt out after doing question trainer 7 and extra 100 questions from the pda book. i didnt do good on question trainer 6 since i was super nervous and didnt take my time with it. after making just 54, i tried to read the questions slower and take my time with each question for the next question trainer and ended up with a 67%... but im still super worried since all my scores arent that well compared to everyone on here =/. any tips and suggestion? i know im not suppose to study the day before the exam but im forced to do the readiness early tomorrow morning since im out of time.... sigh... trying to calm my nerves...

    diagnostic -62
    q-trainer 1, 55
    q-trainer 2, 51
    q-trainer 3, 62
    q-trainer 4, 58
    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]q trainer 5, 59
    q trainer 6, 54
    q trainer 7, 67

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    Your scores look good. take tomorrow off there's nothing you can learn in 1 day that you don't already know SOo its more important to have a rested brain. Good luck!
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    Ty!!! Im just going to do the readiness and look at lab values but ilk promise to rest from 3pm on!!! I really hope i nail it tomorrow!
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    Well i took the exam on 7/3 and it stopped exactly at 75 questions. Once i got home, did the Pvt trick and got the good popup. Lets hope i pass. Im.kinda worried because the test was not hard at all compared to kaplan q trainers 6,7, and readiness. I mean when i did kaplan, i felt like i was guessing through most of it whereas j knew alot of the answers for nclex. But that kind of scares me since.that nay mean i was getting lower level questions. Who knows, Ill find out Thursday for sure!!
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    What are lower level questions? (On NCLEX) compare to what.....??????
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    Like application and analyzing.questions as opposed to comprehension etc.
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    hi everybody,

    i've been looking at this thread for a while and found it to be super helpful!

    i took the nclex today,finished in 75 questions and got the good pop up, hopefully i passed for sure!

    here are my kaplan scores:

    qt1: 63
    qt2: 67
    qt3: 54
    qt4: 58
    qt5: 52
    qt6: 62
    qt7: 64

    diagnostic test: 57
    readiness test: 63

    qbank average: 60

    hope this helps!
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    Congrats and Thanks for sharing !making me more inspire to study because I'm using Kaplan too!
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    i read this thread often want to say thanks to all of you!!! you are so supportive & sharing your experiences really does help!!!
    also inori saying things like. . .
    your name rn!!!! awesome!!!
    i took nclex yesterday (7/6/12) and finished in 75q's. some of the q's seemed so easy and some were so hard! it took me 2hrs & 3min to finish because i decided it would be better to take the time to "think through" the difficult q's & hopefully get them right- than to worry about my time and get more q's wrong. hopefully :uhoh21: that worked for me but i am not advising anyone to do this! if i would have needed to take the entire test i surely would have run out of time. but it was important for me to take a deep breath and relax a few times so that i didn't answer q's incorrectly due to being nervious!

    i do recommend kaplan, but beware that there were 2 times that they had the wrong answer highlighted. . .this i know for a fact. also a things like listing ast & alt as the exact same normal range of 8-40. i realize the "normal" will vary depending on the lab but if you get an nclex question that list alt as 54 u/l- you may end up choosing a wrong answer. i will be calling kaplan once i take the time to look through the test and write down all of the q's id numbers so that they can correct these things. i do still recommend them! but if anyone else has come across this plz report it! i paid $430 and i feel if they are charging every student hundreds of $$$ for material that will be used for a very important exam than yes- every one of kaplan's q's should be correct!

    i also used a test taking stratigies book which i found very useful because it helped me identify that i was a clumper!!!! lol which basically means when i answered a question that i didn't know- i would lose focus or continue to be anxious for the next few q's resulting in multiple q's in a row that i would get wrong!!! for a % test that is not that big of a deal. . .but for nclex that could get you below the passing line and result in failing! when your answering your practice q's pay attention to things like that because as we know- nclex is not only about right & wrong answers!

    i used saunders 5th e, lippincotts & kaplan on demand. also used the net for times i didn't feel like searching through books for content.

    prepped for 6 weeks.
    kaplan scores

    qbank average: 57
    finished 87%

    diagnostic test: 57

    q-trainer 1, 57
    q-trainer 2, 53
    q-trainer 3, 56
    q-trainer 4, 58
    q trainer 5, 63
    q trainer 6, 62
    q trainer 7, 61

    radiness test: 70

    i'll return & say if i passed or failed!
    hope this helps & good luck!!!! :spin:
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    Nclex and hesi study guide HERE ON ALLNURSES!! AWESOME!!! I read this over many times!!!

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