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Nclex exam tomorrow

  1. 0 I think now is a good time to stop studying since my exam is tomorrow.
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    Breathe and Good Luck! Keep us all posted.
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    Good luck, and remember to have breakfast!
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    Take a snack and water just in case. Take a deep breath and focus on each question. Good luck tomorrow!
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    Thanks for the advice.
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    Quote from jenawade25
    I think now is a good time to stop studying since my exam is tomorrow.
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    Good luck!!

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    Good luck!
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    Best wishes!
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    Good Luck!!!!
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    Done with the nclex. Just waiting for the results. I'm going to do quick results and I think I'll try the pearson vue trick. I got 101 questions, some easy, some hard, and a few I didn't know the answer to. Lots of select all that apply (hate those questions). I just hope I passed.
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    please let us know, how it went? Good Luck.
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    I did the PVT and got the good pop up. So I think I passed.