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  1. paper licenses

    You can print it from the mbon website if you need to.
  2. paper licenses

    You're not going to get a paper license. It's on the mbon website. They do send you a certificate you can put in a frame.
  3. I don't like being a nurse anymore

    It's been a while, I just wanted to give an update. I've been off orientation over a year now, and I love being a nurse now. Although I felt like one of my preceptors was trying to make me look incompetent, I have come to realize I needed "tough love...
  4. I don't like being a nurse anymore

    Things are getting a little better, although I have been with the preceptor a few days since then. I've decided not to let her get to me. She's the type of person that focuses on every little detail, it's hard enough as a new nurse to get into the ha...
  5. I don't like being a nurse anymore

    I have three more weeks of orientation and I'll be with another preceptor. I had a meeting with my preceptor and manager the other day, and of course all of the issues were my fault. There are three other new grads orientating on my unit also, and it...
  6. I don't like being a nurse anymore

    I started orientation 8 weeks ago. At first I loved it, it's horrible now. It's a medical psych unit with 14 beds, ratio 1-4 or 5. My preceptor is a great nurse, has tons of experience. There are times my preceptor has gone out of her way to make me ...
  7. Nclex exam tomorrow

    It's official I passed. I'm an RN now. Got the quick results and it said pass
  8. Got the good pop up from PVT

    The PVT works because I found out I passed this morning (had the good pop up 2 days ago). I'm in Maryland and the MBON posted my license number this morning also. Maybe I should have checked to see my license number before spending money for quick re...
  9. NCLEX RN tomorrow.

    Good Luck
  10. Nclex exam tomorrow

    I used ATI, Saunders, and nclex 3500. I did look back at some of my notes and texts as well.
  11. Nclex exam tomorrow

    I did the PVT and got the good pop up. So I think I passed.
  12. Yesterday I took my NCLEX - Tried PVT

    Congrats you passed.
  13. Nclex RN this morning.

    I had 3 or 4 dysrhythmias on my test earlier today also. Got the good pop up.
  14. Got the good pop up from PVT

    I had lots of prioritization questions and almost every other question was SATA.
  15. Got the good pop up from PVT

    My school doesn't use Kaplan for nclex review. We had an ATI nclex review. I'm not sure what Kaplan score you would need.