Nclex 1/3/12... Did I pass???

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    Hello all! The suspense is KILLING me. I took my Nclex-RN this am at 8am. I left at 930am after answering 75 questions. I had about 22 sata's, 1math question, and alot of mixed questions including priority/delegation questions. Honestly I didn't know how to feel when I walked out. I knew I had 3 right for sure and I know I missed one as well (realized it once I clicked next). I have done the PVT 4 times (the last time around 20min ago) and it says..... "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for futher assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time". I am over here frantic with mixed emotions.....what do you all think?

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    It seems like you passed. Congrats!!!!!! yay
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    Sounds like you passed!!! Congrats!! I take it tomorrow at 8am...freaking over here a little bit!!
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    Yeay you passed! congrats!

    and its already the 2013 I thought you had your exam last year lol.
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    congrats 22 SATA's OMG. you did great. look like i never going to pass. i hate SATA;S. always one there which i miss.
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    Quote from davi000
    congrats 22 SATA's OMG. you did great. look like i never going to pass. i hate SATA;S. always one there which i miss.
    Thanks EVERYONE for your response. Davi000 I honestly didn't know how to feel when I left out of there and I still don't want to get myself all amped up to find out that I didn't pass. I just did the PVT trick again and got the same pop up but until I see it, I'm scared. I have been looking over the previous PVT comments and it seems to be a reliable source but........ Anyhow, as for the SATA's I just felt like well let me give it my best effort. I hope it paid off!!!!
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    what kind of questions did you get for sata
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    I'm taking the test on Saturday also and I'm a bit nervous. I don't really know if I'm ready or not. Hopefully I'm gonna make it.
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    Hey, NCLEX Sally...... I know exactly how you feel about that NCLEX RN.I tested this afternoon. The test cut off at 75 questions and I saw a slew of SATA questions along with priority and delegation. I felt weird in a good way. My beastie did the PVT for me because I was scared and I got the good pop up! I am gaining confidence with each time I do it (at least once and hour), but I won't relax until I get the quick results.By the way, congrats on your good pop up!!!!
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    Thanks for ur response, you sound like me (doing the pvt ATLEAST once an hour). Congratulations on ur good pop up as well (sounds like you had a great friend on standby) I can only imagine the anxiety u must be experiencing too, waiting for the official results. Either way keep me informed please. And again CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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