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March exam

  1. 0 Goodluck to all of us taking the exam this month! Wishing you all only the best!
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    Good luck. when is your exam date?
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    Yes Good luck to all the March test takers lets do this!!
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    Quote from nalaa83
    Yes Good luck to all the March test takers lets do this!!
    Yes good luck and we will walk out as RNs and LPNs in Jesus name. We can do all things through Christ that strenghtenth us.
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    Good luck to you as well!! I take mine on the 28th!! I graduated 16 yrs ago, been a practicing LPN for 19 yrs! Feeling more confident every day. Praying to be able to put RN behind my name on March 29th

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    The 15th
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    This month is our month by Gods grace
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    I need a lot of prayer I take mine in one week. By the grace of God I am walking out as a RN.
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    Good Luck!!
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    goodluck to us! me too, i will be taking this march 15..
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    Wohoo good luck to me, taking my exam this coming March 8.
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    I haven't received the official result of my exam yet. Just wishing everyone who will be taking the nclex soon the best of luck! Study hard and pray.