kaplan vs. Mark Klimek?

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    I am trying to decide which NCLEX review course is the best to take.
    Any feedback is appreciated.

    If you have taken either Kaplan or Klimek review course what are your opinions? Or if you have heard anything about either.

    Klimek is in late June, $285 (3 eight hour classes)
    Kaplan $399 is early June (7 three hour classes)

    Im probably not going to be able to take NCLEX till Sept. So I was just curious what everyone would recommend.

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    Kaplan!! most definitely
    Kaplan is the leader in NCLEX reviews. You get a money-back guarantee (provided you attend all sessions). You will not get this from Klimek.
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    you will have 3 months of access to your kaplan program, take advantage of everything that comes with it, ALL the videos, the book, and the access to plenty of their study centers that you can go to and study for your test.

    plust the money-back guarantee!!
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    I never took Kaplan, but I do have their book, and it is very good. That being said, I have taken Mark Klimek's course and believe me, that course is worth every last cent you will pay! I learned and remembered things from his class that I wasn't able to pick up in 4 years of nursing school. You get one book of pure facts to know, and one book of fill-in-the-blanks / take your own notes that you get to keep. I am incredibly grateful I was able to take his class.
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    Most people are successful only using a review book and preparing on their own. You might want to consider saving a review course for the event that you fail the first time.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    most people are successful only using a review book and preparing on their own. you might want to consider saving a review course for the event that you fail the first time.
    i very much disagree with saving the review course for later, in case you fail. statistics (kept by ncsbn) show very clearly that your chances of failing on the second try are much higher than your chances of failing the first time around. prepare to pass the 1st time!

    also, nclex is testing your judgment. knowledge, while very important, isn't the main thing being tested. kaplan gives you invaluable insight into how to think about and correctly answer test questions (and, i'll say again, a money-back guarantee).
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    My friends passed with just Klimek.
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    klimek breaks it down great. He made me understand a lot of things I would have never knew withoout him. His mnemonic are great and makes it easy to rember the contents . He doesn't have the money back guarantee, but you can attend to his course as many times as you can with just one payment.
    I did his course, I attended twice and I would recommed everybody to go to his class.
    I only read the kaplan book and did the test on the cd is enough.
    try him and believe, you will see. speaking my board exam, I answered all the questions based on his course, I had a lot of questions on prioritization, which I was happy because Mark Klimek made it easier to break down what should u care first... look at his strategy: I used to be confused on abused drugs' sign and symptoms let's say for overdose or withdrawal. with Klimek, he tells u to know five drugs only which makes someone high when intoxicated, therefore the vitals are high at that time. so when you know those five, the rest are downer.
    man u should go to him I tell u
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    Is it true you can take Klimek as many times as you want with just paying once? I didn't pass my first try and need a reliable review session. Is this the best you heard about to use? Thanks

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