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    I PASSED!! OMG...I can't believe this! I just checked the state board website and when I did the search my license number popped up! I'm so happy right now. God is definitely amazing! Good luck to all the future NCLEX takers.
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    Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!
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    Congrats! When did you take your Nclex? I'm wondering what is the absolute quickest people find out their results.
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    Thanks everyone. I took NCLEX yesterday. I was shocked that the results were posted so quickly especially since MS doesn't participate in the quick results.
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    I took my nclex today, so I will obsessively be looking at the BON tomorrow!!!!!!!1
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    Congrats and good luck in your new career
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    congratulations dear! u deserve it.. take good care of ur patients, they need u! ^_^
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