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Hi everyone! Any January 2018 test takers? I took mine yesterday from 2pm-7pm. I'm pretty sure I bombed. I did not feel confident, had a headache halfway through, and walked out of there feeling... Read More

  1. by   Cecille Llagas
    Quote from Wendy86
    Correction I took it on January 8th and got the bad pop up😣😣😣. I'm so upset I will find out for sure on January 10th
    So what is the verdict?
  2. by   Jessifer
    So I took my nclex January 13th. I had around 85 questions with a bunch of SATA 2-3 drag and drop, 1 EKG. I felt pretty confident walking out. This is the 4th time I've taken the nclex. I took the 3 other attempts in NY, but this time I decided to visit family in FL and test there. It is now 72hrs later and I'm still getting my test results are on hold and there are no quick results available. I'm such a nervous wreck. I'm praying I passed this time. I'm just not sure what my results would be on hold. Could it be because I tested out of state?
  3. by   Victoria198
    Hi everyone! Good luck to everyone who will be taking the exam, congratulations to everyone who passed, and study hard/ don't give up to those who did not pass!

    So I took my exam in California on monday, 1/8/18 at 2pm. I walked out unable to even speak because it was so hard; shut off at 80, ridiculous amount of vague priority questions, at least 30 to 40 SATA. I was so drained emotionally and physically.
    I did the pearson vue trick at 24 hours and get the good pop up(received email from pearson about 30 minutes after my exam acknowledging I took the test), and I've been doing the PVT everyday since and getting the good pop up.
    On the BON it still says "pending" under my application staus, and "open" when I click on it. Nothing comes up when I search for my name on the BON.

    I called the BON on friday to make sure my file and pearson vue results came through and the women said everything was received and in order.

    But now my friend, who just took his on friday 1/13/18, saw his results this morning on the BON! And every other person I talk to from class got their results within 24-48 hours!

    Now that my friend got his, I'm starting to really worry about my results and why MINE is taking so long. I'm so happy for my friend, but he was my rock and I dont want to be a downer for him when it's his time to be happy and relieved!

    I've been crying on and off all morning and wondering why my test is taking so long compared to everyone else. Does anyone know a possible reason why? The BON doesn't have answers.

    Also did anyone get an email as well when they saw their results on the BON? and how long after did you get your results in the mail?

    Thanks to anyone in advance if they have any information or ideas....I hate that I'm finally breaking down and being an emotional wreck about this....but everyday waiting feels like eternity...it's absolutely horrible
  4. by   Victoria198
    Also is there another way to check my results? In my BON application is says reapply/retake exam....but my application status says pending/open still.....has anyone tried to reapply/retake the exam on thr BON, while the status still say pending?
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  5. by   Victoria198
    Sorry idk how to use this site. In response to Jessifer;

    Keep checking the board of nursing site for that state. I am sorry the pvt comes up as an "on hold pop up" but I know that doesn't mean you did not pass definitively.! I think your deduction might be right (because you took it in a different state), but I read there are lots of reasons why it's on hold, things that don't even have to do with YOU i.e. they are have technical difficulties.
    The wait for these results are paralyzing, I completely understand....took mine on the 8th and still waiting....catch up on some reading for pleasure (which we didn't have time for in school), go out for a walk, anything! I know it feels like it doesn't help much because it keeps popping into your head and reverberates there....but doing something that you love will help you! But ya, definitely check the BON and the status of your application since you are getting that pop up!

    Oh actually I just realized I read on some old boards that pple taking the NCLEX for the second + time, will not be able to use the pvt trick, and get the hold pop up....idk if that is accurate though.
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  6. by   Jessifer
    How do I check the status of my application?
  7. by   Victoria198
    Quote from Jessifer
    How do I check the status of my application?
    You long onto the BON website and it should be on the lower left side, and should say "view application status."
  8. by   mairead27
    Hi! Waiting still for my ATT for MA PCS got materials last week on Tuesday but because of all the snow days its so delayed. I am planning on taking it ASAP because my DREAM job that is supposed to start MONDAY.

    Anyways, I am so nervous. I have very highly likelihood to pass on Uworld in the 84th percentile and I'm in 86th percentile on ATI.

    Any comments or suggestions? I don't know what to think. I'm being optimistic about these scores because I REALLY need to pass in 1 try. Let me know!!!!