is the nclex too easy?

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    i think the first time pass rate on the nclex is 83%. i honestly can't think of another profession where it's so high. does anyone think the bar to too low?

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    I certainly didn't think it was easy, but here's the strange part: i loved the test. I loved the fact that the majority of my questions were scenario-based, instead of "what is this called, what is that called". I loved that my critical thinking skills were grilled, and felt very confident that i had the ability to answer them.

    I don't think it's necessarily that the NCLEX is easy, i think it's more likely the education received to credit to an 83% pass rate (which, by the way, is there a link to this 83% pass rate statistic?).
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    What other professions are you comparing the pass rate to?
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    Quote from traumahawk99
    Thank you.

    This was what i'd found in a search, but i didn't want to assume that's where you got it from.
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    I don't see the problem with that. If you made it through nursing school, you should have a good chance of passing the first time around.
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    I agree with Fergus. There is no reason to have a test that is too difficult just so you don't have a good pass rate. Would that make sense? If the nursing schools are doing their job, they should have a good pass rate. If they don't, they lose their certification.
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    well, for example, the cpa exam pass rate is 43%. i'll be taking that in a couple of months. i took it once and passed it easily, i just let it lapse. been a long time though.

    that said, by far the most difficult exam i've faced in my entire life was excelsior's cpne. it would seem that the nclex is cake compared to that.
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    The USMLE (licensure exam for physicians) consistently turns out pass rates in the 90's for graduates of US or Canadian medical schools. (

    The NAPLEX (pharmacy exam) pass rate was 89% in 2005. (No information on the NABP website but see, among others,

    The physical therapy boards have pass rates that ranged from the 70's to 90's over the last several years, but generally are close to the 83% for the NCLEX. (

    We can even look at the dreaded bar exam for attorneys. Although this exam varies from state to state, it isn't uncommon to see 70-80% or more of candidates passing the exam in some places. (
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    that's an eye opener eric. i based my opinion on the cpa exam, which was my educational background before getting into health care.

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