I'm hoping and thinking I PASSED

  1. 1 I took NCLEX this morning and it shut off after 75 ?'s and one hour. I was done way sooner than I thought it would take. I didn't think it was as hard as many people claim and I was familiar with all the material. I could swear 1/2 the test was SATA. Crazy! I did the PVT and got the good pop up... I will be patiently waiting for my name to show up on DOH!!! (hopefully)

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    I'm sure you passed !!! Congrats !!!
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    it sounds like u did fine. congratulations.
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    I also took the nclex RN this morning and was cut off at 75 questions in about an hour!! I did the pvt and I am getting the exact same pop up!! I'm still anxious and waiting for it to be official!!
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    If you got that many SATA, you totally passed. I walked out thinking "WOW, that was like 40% SATA!" Those are higher level questions, which means you were rocking' it!!


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    Congrats! PVT works!!!!
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    Sounds like great signs to me!!
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    I think you passed. Congrats!
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    I PASSED!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! lol i'm freaking out! yayyyy!!!! So happy. Such an amazing feeling...
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    I am so happy for you; congratulations! I know what an amazing feeling it is.
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