This Is How To Pass The Nclex!!!

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    Two websites were absolutely wonderful for me: and a website from the NCSBN,
    The first one was more of a quick but very good review of everything imaginable and quizzes at the end of every second and then four 75questioned timed tests. The second one is very very in depth with extensive quizzes. I would overall recommend the second one a bit more than the first just because of how in depth it is. If you just read all of that information and take all the quizzes it's a done deal, you'll pass! The other huge thing is this book: Prioritization, Delegation, Assignment by Linda A. LaCharity, Candice K. Kumagai, and Barbara Bartz. That book is a lifesaver and an aboslute must to get. I failed the nclex the first time I took it because I had no idea how much of the test was goign to be on prioritization and delegation. I would say 75-80% of the test is questions that were similar to the ones in this book. It was truly my lifesaver! I would reccomend doing as many questions as possible. When they say do 1000-2000 questions that is for real. I didn't barely do any the first time and I failed it, and this time I did aprox. 1500 and I passed! when prioritizing who is the most important patient to be seen remember this: 1.ABC 2. Change in LOC 3. Change in VS 4. Unstable metabolic disorders (hypo/hyper glycemia, electrolyte shift) 5. Pain 6. Any treatments you need to perform 7. Family requesting you to come/Discharge teaching
    That is a must know and what helped me significantly! No worries you can do this if you just believe believe believe. Unwavering faith, let no thoughts of limitations enter your mind. You are an RN! If you need anything more just please let me know, I'd be more than happy to help you.
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    i am sooo happy for you !!! you are now a RN !!! i bet you are so relieved !!!! congrats !!!:hatparty::hatparty::hatparty:smiley_aa:groupwelcome:
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    high-fives and big hugs!

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    Barb Bartz, one of the authors of Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment, was my 3rd quarter teacher! She's awesome!
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    Good work!!!
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    way to go!!! thanks for the advice i will be getting that book and reading it soon. i hope to be taking my nclex this may or june. i graduate in april and cant wait!!
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    can anybody giv some suggestions to pass nclex RN exam?plssssss
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    Moved to the NCLEX forum where you will find much in the way of hints and tips for the exam both PN and RN
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    Thanks sugar 383 and Congratulations!!!
    I subscribed to ncsbn for the 5wks course. I feel better knowing that this review works. I'm basically answering the questions only. Reading the content can be boring. This is my 3rd attemp & hopefully the last.
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    you will totally be able to do it, just keep believing in yourself. also write down those 7 things that I had in my post and use them on the day of the nclex and throughout studying. And get that book, it is amazing. Good luck and if you have any more questions just let me know. You'll be sensational!
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