How many times can I take Nclex-RN?

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    I am in Missouri and am wondering how many times I can retake the Nclex RN. I have failed several times and am already signed up to take a review course but now am wondering if i can even take the exam. I can't find any info on the subject on the missouri board website.

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    Have you tried contacting the BON and asking them? They do at the end of the day have the final say
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    Well for anyone else who has the same issue of worrying about how many times you can take the NCLEX at least in Missouri.........I called the missouri board of nursing today and they said you can take the nclex as many times as need......they even said they have had people take it up to 15 times........hope i dont need that much lol but it is a relief.
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    Good to know, a lot of BON's will only allow 3 times and then you have to do a course
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    Well I believe that if you have failed a couple times it is probably best to do several things: 1. contact the school you graduated from and see if they can assist. Most schools I believe would offer some assistance: from tutoring to whatever your needs are. 2. Find an nclex prep course. I am taking the Martin review soon in chicago, but kaplan offers a course as do others. I believe the questions in the kaplan question bank are much much closer to what actual nclex questions are than say the questions in saunders. 3. contact other students you went to school with and ask them what worked for them.

    That's just my 2 cents. Hopefuly it works out for me, and hopefully it works out for others in my position.
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    the exam is unlimited until you passed it but wait 45 days before you take another exam
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    Quote from blue_stars
    the exam is unlimited until you passed it but wait 45 days before you take another exam
    Incorrect, some states have a limit of 3 times and then you have to take a course. Florida if I remember if you fail 3 times take the course and fail again have to start nursing school all over again. Also some states require you wait 90 days not 45
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    You should call them to get an answer. Otherwise, just submit the application again. They will reject your application if you have already met your limit for number of attempts. Good luck.
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    Quote from blue_stars
    the exam is unlimited until you passed it but wait 45 days before you take another exam
    Sorry, but each state has their own requirements. And there are quite a few that do not permit one to test more than three times without taking a remedial program or a special review. And there are few that do not permit anybody to test after three times and require that one attends school again.

    The exam is a national exam but each state can set their own requirements for it. And as Anna mentioned above, not all have a 45 day waiting period, some are still 90 days before one is granted permission to retest.
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    how about california? how many times can you retake the nclex?

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