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  1. failed again

    thanks for the encouragement. it does help to know that people do believe in you so thanks again. i took the nclex rn and i mostly had below passing which is so embarrassing cuz you would of thought that i would do better since its my third time, i d...
  2. failed again

    hey everyone failed again for the third try. did saunders q and a and i got worse actually. need your advice on what books should i try studying again. i study for 2 hours m-f q and a only. read saunders. is audio studying helpful by the way?
  3. hey everyone, i just took my nclex rn march 18, 2009 and still haven't seen my name on brn website. just want to know wat study books did you used to pass the nclex. i have saunders comprehensive and q and a book. nclex rn made incredibly easy with t...
  4. March 18, 2009 CA NCLEX-RN Test Takers Come On In!!!

    thanks silverdragon102. i guess i'm just gonna wait for the letter. i'm too depressed to look on the website..
  5. March 18, 2009 CA NCLEX-RN Test Takers Come On In!!!

    i didn't see my name.. i guess i failed. man, i studied so hard and i guess it didn't pay of.. man..
  6. March 18, 2009 CA NCLEX-RN Test Takers Come On In!!!

    hey everyone, took the nclex march 18 here in cali. i'm scared ahh. its my third time taking this test and me too i'm soo exhausted. i got 75 questions lots of prioritizing questions, little pharma, 3 sata and no computation. i hope i pass. gud luck ...
  7. please pray for me i'm taking my nclex rn 2mrw

    hey everyone, i just finished my exam and it was hard seriously. it was a lot harder this third time and it took me 3 hours to finish 75 questions. didn't have much pharmacology mostly prioritization questions.. had 3 sata no computation. please pray...
  8. please pray for me i'm taking my nclex rn 2mrw

    thanks everyone. it's 9:00am and my test is at 1:00pm please pray hard for me.. ahh
  9. hey everyone, its going to be my third try and i pray that this time i'll pass. please pray for me....:zzzzz:chuckle:p:heartbeat
  10. Taking NCLEX in 3 days...any last minute strategy tips??

    take your time in answering question. do your best...
  11. the agony of waiting for results in california

    it took me 9 days to receive it thru mail. hope for the best for you.
  12. Rude Resident Physician!!

    wow, that resident is so mean. yah, try documenting that and tell the nursing supervisor.
  13. Will have my exam tomorrow...

    gud luck to you. i hope u pass. i had 75 questions 2 sata and no computation and a whole lot of meds and unfortunately i failed. i hope this won't happen. i know you passed. always pray and please keep us updated
  14. First time, NCLEX-RN, 265 questions, FAILED

    yah don't give up. its going to be my third time taking the nclex. and i encourage you to keep going. don't give up, you came all the way to this point in nursing. just say to yourself i can do this i can pass. and one day you'll see your name on bon...
  15. Took NCLEX today and stopped at 120-130 questions

    congratulations for passing your nclex. hope you will enjoy your profession and a good successful life