Help.. I'M in the state of depression - page 2

Because expectations are too high in my family I can feel the pressure on taking the NCLEX RN exam. My dad, aunt's, and my cousin who are nurses took the NCLEX RN for just 1 take. And on February I... Read More

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    i'm in the same situation.. i'm an international student. i took the nclex twice.. i took it a third time just last week and had no good pop up my brother took it a second time n he's so devastating.. my family expects so much from me n i feel like i let them down again..ugh.. but everything happens for a reason, right? and whats done is done.. we need to look ahead n keep trying... we just need to try a little harder... if we want to get somewhere, we need to get up n start moving.. God bless u.. n this time around, we'll get it..

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