Has anyone gotten the good pop up and passed?

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    HEllo, I am just wondering if any of you nurses out there got the good pop up and passed?
    I took my Nclex Pn December 17 here in California and until this day i haven't gotten my results. The day after i took my nclex i tried the pearson view trick and a pop up comes out saying "our records indicate that you have recently schedule this exam. Please contact your member board nursing for assistance. Other registration can not be made at this time". I have been so stressed about my results, so last week i tried the trick again and i still get the same pop up. today is January 13 and I still haven't gotten my results. I want to know of anyone who has taken the exam within the last 10 months and have gotten the good pop up and have passed the nclex.

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    Its worked for myself and everyone ive talked to about it...good luck!
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    Thanks for replying, now i feel a little bit better and thanks for wishing me good luck. I really hope i passed my Nclex
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    Wow. Why does it take so long for you guys?
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    in my case I got the same message and passed
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    I took my RN in October and got the good pop up....and passed. so did my classmates. Congrats!
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    The real question is why haven't you gotten your results from the board and why isn't your license posted on their website.
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    It worked for me. I took it on the 15th. Got the good pop up about 10 minutes after I left the test center. The next day, my state issued my license #. Then Friday I got my Quick Results.

    Does the California BON have online verification of licenses? Cause if they do, you could just monitor for your name to come up.
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    I took the NCLEX on 1/16, got the good pop up about 1 hour afterwards & got the official results that I passed today! Still works!
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    Received good pop up and passed

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