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  1. briseydaa

    My school shut down

    Hello. Can anyone please help me? I went to and LVN program in California, my school shut down right when I graduated but they never sent my paperwork to the board. The school gave me all the information that I supposedly need in order to apply to the board. The problem is that i do not know how to submit my papers. I went on BVNPT website but it only says that the school needs to submit the papers for me. Have anyone had this issue? or can anyone please guide me on how to submit my paperwork? I have already tried calling them but they never answer my call. Thank you in advance.
  2. briseydaa

    anyone attend Preferred College of Nursing, Van Nuys

    I graduated from PCN van nuys year 2012. This place is a nightmare. They change your scantrons grade and they won't even show you the scantron. If you complain about instructors teaching in their native language tagalog they will try any means to make you fail the program. Instructors give the answers to the test to all philipino students. Oooohhh and by the way....they themselves do not know the material except miss marylin cooper...she is an american rn,bsn,phn who knows the books inside out,she likes being fair with students and dislikes the whole cheating that is allowed to philipino students. In my opinion.....worst school in the whole California state