Got those coveted R.N. initials behind my name now!!

  1. I've finally done it!!!! Took NCLEX Thursday and what a doozy that was! Got the good pop up about an hour later and then checked quick results last night with the wonderful word PASS on the screen.

    I will say, the pop up trick does not work 5 minutes after finishing your exam. Nor does it work 8 minutes after. Not at 12 minutes. Not even 25 minutes later. It took about an hour. ;-) Quick results took about 48 hours to show up.

    Got a lot of great tips from folks here and wanted to say thanks for all the help and suggestions. I used Saunders for the sheer volume of questions you can answer endlessly. Bought Lacharity's Delegation book and really liked it - the questions can be challenging. Not many but they make you think. Used Kaplan's 2011-2012 NCLEX book and thought it was really good. I also took the Hurst on-line review and really liked how they put the core content together.

    What an awesome feeling!!! Good luck to those working on NCLEX. It's a lot of work but you can do it!
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    CONGRATULATIONS RN!! I'm also using the same sources. Hoping to pass it too on Mar 9! Yay!
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    Doesn't it feel great to be able to say that you are now an RN?
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    Quote from ms_miyagi
    Doesn't it feel great to be able to say that you are now an RN?
    Yes it does!!! Checked my states BON and my license was issued 2/14/12. I graduated LVN school in 2003 and have been working on my RN since 2005. Just so glad to be done!