Got Good Pop Up W/ 2nd Attempt on NCLEX-PN

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    Hello fellow nurses and nurses to be I promised myself that I would share my NCLEX experience if I got the good pop up the day before..So here it goes: I graduated nursing school in Nov 2012..Gettin through nursing school was crazy..I have previous post from a few experience feel free to check them out..Im typing from my phone so excuse me..I first took my NCLEX on December 18, 2012..I finished with 85 questions..I tried the PVT and went straight to CC page..I found out the 19th I had failed the NCLEX..I was upset I appeared to be nonchalant about the results..I felt like hey there is always another chance..I didnt study for like 15 days..Just took time off from the whole ordeal..I started studyin again in Jan after the New Years..I think I didnt succeed the first time because I didnt refresh with content..Most people are different and some say to "do questions 50-100 daily" & that works for some..But me personally, I know how to think critically..I been in nursing school for almost 2 yrs because life got in the way..My grades in school was very good..So anyway, we had a class of 7..All 5 passed NCLEX the first time around..Me and a fellow classmate failed..She seeked a former teacher to help her & I studied alone..She took hers in Jan and passed the second time around..I had alot of pressure on me because I didnt want to be the odd ball out..Anyway, I took my NCLEX this a.m. at 1130..I went in with a clear mind..I took 3 hrs because I wanted to be thorough..I finished with 91 ?s..I didnt know how to feel..I went out to the parking lot and tried to calm down enough to do the trick..As the page was loading I couldnt remember my username and then when I got the page loaded so my anxiety was a 10..I had slight tremors while waiting lol..Then I seen the "Our records indicate that you have scheduled an exam. Contact your BON." I became at ease and became extremely excited. I prayed everyday throughout the day..A million times during the test..Prayer really does help I also, kept my test date a secret just in case I failed again..The only people that knew was my boyfriend and my bff ..I used Saunders( the green book) until like Chapter 50..Then I bought Exam Cram 3rd Edition and read all the chapters..I also order PDA by Lacharity..That helped tremendously..I only got to Chapter 9 tho lol..But my scores were like 80-90..I didnt really do questions all day, everyday..Except, the ones in the Chapters..I know they said to relax the day before I did that afternoon..I did 123 questions stopped that evenin sayin either I know it or I dont..I just believed in myself more than before My advice for repeat test takers as well as first timers is: do what works for you..If yuu tried one way numerous amount of times and yuu still havent passed, SEEK FURTHER ASSISTANCE..Because you are obviously lost somewhere..Its normal to be anxious right around the time for your test, just breathe and pray..You might have to isolate yourself from family and friends, do that..I did..Remember, its only temporary..And dont overstudy, I would be lyin if I said I studied everyday..I took several days off at a time but at the same time using time management..I came to this site for encouragement..Reading the forums daily..Alot of you helped me out and you dont even know it..I just want to to do the same..Congrats to those that just passed & good luck to those that will be taking it..Remember the NCLEX ONLY test for minimum compentency..If you have any questions/comments feel free to respond..

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    Congratulations Nurse!!!! Way to go!
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    Thank yuu..Im so excited
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    Quote from ShwnySn2BNurse
    Thank yuu..Im so excited
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    Quote from Nicole3d
    Thank you
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    Congrats..... please help me in pharmacology..
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    Quote from raj89
    Congrats..... please help me in pharmacology..
    Thank you..Pharm is my weakness but I know the NCLEX still test you on that..What worked for me was learnin by classifications (what they do & common s/e and nursing considerations/interventions)..I also remebered endings (for instance: Histamine 2 Antagonist, end with tidine & they are used to treat GERD, gastric ulcers) & you administer them prior to meals for better absorption..I mean there is no way you will know every drug but if you break down the name and choices you can at least have a 50/50 chance on getting it right..HTH
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    The PVT trick worked for me..I just found out this mornin..Ive officially passed!!
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    Congrats. And good luck for your new life..
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