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good popup how accurate it is.. - page 2

I took nclex yesterday with 77Qs & i got the good popup. I'm juz wondering how long will it take for ur name to appear in the license verification? please share ur views. tanx!... Read More

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    it's been 4days since i took the NCLEX-RN for California but still my name is not showing up in their website. I'm worried if the PVT is really accurate. please someday tell me what's happening?
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    it works! I took the exam 4/16 did the PVT trick 3 hrs after exam, got good popup,48 hrs later it was confirmed by quick results, 5 days later paper mail, and 10 days later NYS BON has my license # up on website .. as of today still waiting for the actual license .. which i dunno what its suppose to look like probably in a plain white envelope that all government mail comes in .
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    I would advice u 2 call BRN n ask them 2 check if ur missing any paper work or transcript because i took my test on april 5 got d good pop up but no name on d brN untill the 11th so i thought 4 sure i failed so i decided 2 just try calling brn n asked d lady if everything on my file was k n they told me im missing transcripts so i sent out my transcripts same day n on april 25 i finally got my license # on d BRN web site
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    hey im planning to take my
    exam in june or early july. what materials are you using as your reviewer?
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    can i remind members that we as part of terms of service require that text talk isn't used. not everyone understands text talk and we aim to be a professional website

    english only:
    while, inc hosts visitors from around the world, it is based in the united states and much of our membership is english speaking. due to our inability to moderate threads in other languages, we ask that interactions be in english for the enjoyment of as many posters as possible.

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    terms of service for nurses | nursing students
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    PVT was accurate for me. I just found out today I officially passed.
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    I took my test this morning, how long do I have to wait to try the pearson vue? I stopped at no 75, Am so nervous.. hepl pleeease
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    In Ohio it took 48 hours to post on the board and that was in July of this year.
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    hey did you try PVT? I took my test this morning(10/19) tried PVT got good pop up felt good but then found some posts indicating a different/new pop up!! all confused coz that good pop-up is the only thing that is giving me hope...otherwise the test was like what I had never expected!!!!!
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    I tried the pearson trick but it took me to CC payments.. does this mean i failed? Am so confused been crying all day ;(
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