Finally Passed NCLEX!

  1. Hello Everyone. I finally did it! And couldn't be happier. I just wanted to share my journey to maybe motivate or give others hope.
    I graduated in June 2009..all my friends passed, but I didn't. I first took the NCLEX in Oct 2009 and failed with 84 questions. Then took it again for the 2nd time in June 2010, got all 265 questions but still failed. I was bummed! And was scared to fail a 3rd time so I kept putting it off, wasting time.
    In September 2011 I found out I was pregnant again with Baby Boy #2, so it was time to get on it! I needed to retake again and pass before the new baby came, otherwise I knew I really was never going to do it. Once again I noticed I was sort of putting it off. Finally I paid all necessary fees, no turning back now. I started reading the Saunders comprehensive review chapter by chapter and doing questions.
    At 33 weeks pregnant, last week, I sat for my 3rd NCLEX attempt, got all 265 questions again, and finally PASSED!
    I was in no rush to find out the results. My friends kept asking me if I had checked and I would tell them no. Finally 2 days after I took the test my friends couldn't wait anymore and they checked and then let me know the good If it wouldn't have been for them I probably still wouldn't know the results.
    I was so scared that I had let too much time pass by and that I wouldn't be able to pass.
    So to anyone in a similar situation, just put your mind to it and you could also do it.

    GOOD LUCK to everyone!
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  3. by   June2012
    Congrats.You made it .How did you prepare this time ?
  4. by   KimberlyRN89
    congrats !!
  5. by   JENURSE03_RN
    Double congratulations on passing the nclex and baby # 2!
  6. by   S.vincent
    congratulations!! did u use saunders comprehensive only? again congrats!!!
  7. by   nurse671
  8. by   CL86
    Thanks everyone. Well since this was my 3rd attempt..I had lots of sources. But yeah this time I mostly used Saunders comprehensive book as well as the CD-Rom it comes with for questions. I used their calender option, it gives you a 6 week schedule/calendar with what chapters to read daily with 2 days off a week. After reading each chapter I would answer the questions at the end. And do additional test questions using the CD-Rom. I also used notes I've taken over time.
    Good Luck to Everyone!
  9. by   sren4th
    Awww, first of all congrats . and thank you for sharing your story with us - it does help.
  10. by   sren4th
    oh and i forgot :spin: of course CONGRATS on your baby boy - together we are stronger becomes a whole new meaning for you two.
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