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  1. Sometimes You Just Don't See It Coming

    Oh my good, this is so sad, I too sit here fighting with tears. Thank you for sharing this part of your "job"/destiny.
  2. Foot in the door...

    Have you checked with you local Nursing Homes or Assistant Living places if there are any where u at?
  3. CNA/LPN/RN Pay in Georgia?

    Hey bigboi, I believe the here do make $21+ an hour here depending on where at in Georgia and if its a privat or state facility. But as CNA you sure do make good money though I haven't seen anything on here which indicated anyone else making this m...
  4. CNA/LPN/RN Pay in Georgia?

    Hey SuperStarLPN, thanks for your answer. Yeah I am thinking I will have to roll with this at least for now mainly for the reason that i do not have any experiance besides clinical. And after this I hope I eventually can either get a raise or can app...
  5. FL New Grad worried about multiple DUI's

    I'm sorry I can't help you with this but I just want to say congrats on staying sober. there is no need to beat you up or give you a speech ! You learned your lesson and are willing to take what ever the outcome is, and haven't we all made our mistak...
  6. CNA/LPN/RN Pay in Georgia?

    Hey I know this chat is sort of old, but is anyone still following up with this page here? I just got done with cna school last year and got my state lisence to the begin of this year. And really want to start working as a CNA - only problem here is ...
  7. Enjoy your free time while it last ;0) believe you me once its starts you won't know your name by the end of the day. But it is fun and interesting even though stressful. Good luck ya all
  8. Finally Passed NCLEX!

    oh and i forgot of course CONGRATS on your baby boy - together we are stronger becomes a whole new meaning for you two.
  9. Finally Passed NCLEX!

    Awww, first of all congrats . and thank you for sharing your story with us - it does help.
  10. CNA now or wait for nursing school

    In what area do you life at? I am looking right now for a CNA job while waiting to get into the LPN programm?
  11. I dont think ICU is for me:(

    I am impressed you lasted this long a friend of mine done ICU as well but transfered as sonn as 6 month after this to nicu with less hours. She said it might off been different if she would have worked less hours. I am "only" a cna as of now and unde...