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Hello future fellow and current nurses I am taking the Nclex exam for the 3rd time :imdbb: . It's so discouraging to fail and then retake, but I can not give up. I am studying now Hurst, Saunders... Read More

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    Quote from pinkktrn
    I can relate to you in more ways than you can imagine studygalrn! i Just took boards for the 4th time Yesterday March 10th. I graduated in May 2008. Took them in july, then nov, then april 2009, then waited one whole year! can you believe that? i am sure you can. i know exactly how you feel. Never EVER wanting to go back to the Dreadful exam place. I knew that place like the back of my hand by the 4th time. my anxiety was full blown, and even Thinking about the test made me Sick. Ppl at work asked me all the time when i was going to take, and that made me sick too. So, i know Exactly how you feel. the first 3 xs i took the test, got all 265 q's. this last time 85! how amazing. with 100% of ALL my experience with test taking/strategies... Hurst Review ALL THE WAYY!!! i bought saunders like u as well, and kaplan. it is good to familarize urself w/ q's and answering them, But i would know the hurst review book all the way, 100% without hesitation. That, Alone, will help u pass! i will tell u right now my anxiety increased Each time i kept going back. This last time, anxiety at a peak. Just try to look beyond that. Like you, i wanted to pass before april 1st--so there is a lot riding. But you have to cope with that, tell yourself....U CAN DO IT! i left the center crying, upset, (like i did the other times) and one IMPORTANT FACTOR: if you dont pass This time. Do Not Give Up! i waited a whole YEAR b/c i was in Fear.... and during this time, i prob only studied a good 6 months. but please Do Not Give Up! its hard to stay positive, i wanted to go back to school for something else, and almost did.... im sure you've contemplated this too...But u can do it! if u got thru nrsg school, u can do it! Let me know if this helps! and Good Luck!!!!!!!!
    WOW. As if u wrote my autobiography too!!!!!!!!! I was surprised coz I didnt expect to have the same path as u are. It would be my 4th time to take the nclex rn in March 30. So i hope I will be able to make it this time. Please do pray for me and for all who wants to take the nclex. Iam very desperate so to speak.
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    good luck!! my prayers are with you!!!!
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    what do you by April 1st changes?
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    Good luck, just believe in yourself...I took it the first time and passed but I still had doubts, I tried to shake off the anxiety and replace it with will be fine and also you are in my prayers.
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    Studygalrn -

    OMG, I swear we are the same person :-), I'm taking my exam at 2:00 pm on March 30, 2010 for the 3rd time and it will be my last time I say. No one knows when I'm taking the exam either. I need encouragement and prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

    FYI - I'm a LPN now and blessed that I am. I took the PN exam once and received 205 questions. That exam seemed like a breeze compared to the RN exam.

    Thanks everyone! Any advice would be appreciated. :-)
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    You are in my prayers. I can exactly relate to you. I took NCLEX 4x. I graduated in June 2009. Took the test in July. Failed with 85 questions. Felt like the world ended. Took it again in Oct. Failed at 75 questions. Felt numbed and laughed it off but deep deep inside I was really really hurting. Took it the 3rd time in Feb. 2010. Failed again with 265 questions. This was the time that I really cried. It affected everything. My work, my family esp. my relationship with my beloved and very supportive husband. That same day that PVT sent me to the credit card page (the "trick"), I immediately sent a $75 check to BRN and tried to forget that I already tested 3x. I started all over again as if I was a new grad. I took the Kaplan review seriously. I did Kaplan the first time, Saunders on the second and NCSBN on the third. This time I went back to Kaplan but did it online. I listened to all the lectures (or audio version online), answered all Q bank and in between read the Kaplan RN Course Book. I then scheduled my test on the second week of April but then I read in the NCSBN website that they are changing the test content by April 1st (they do it every 3 yrs). I rescheduled my test for March 24 and promised myself that I should never go back to any NCLEX testing center ever again. I finished with 75 questions. Two hours after, I checked PVT and the "famous popup" came up. Today I saw my name at the CA BRN. I must admit NCLEX is nerve-wracking. 99% hardwork plus I don't know how many % prayers (even though I also prayed real hard), I am now an RN.
    The only reason that you won't be able to do it is when you stop doing it...... Believe in yourself bacause you made it through nursing school. It is okay to feel bad, feel sad or feel nothing.
    You are in my prayers, future RN...D
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    Will be praying for you to PASS!
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    Good Luck!!! You can do this!!!!

    I failed the for the 1st time in February and will be testing again in a few weeks!! WE WILL PASS THIS THING!!!!! I am praying for you and you will do great!!
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    I which you the best. Go there don't be nervous for it wont help you in anyway. It is what it is. Read the questions carefully, don't spent more than I minute (very important) make a decision...keep you hands off the mouse, go with your first instinct, don't overthink...stab it! You will win this time!!!
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    I failed 3 times already and this is my 4th time to try it this April 2010. I hope this is the last. I pray and hope that this is the last..Good luck everyone who;s taking the test for the 4th times....May God be with you on that day..
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    You will be on our prayer. Try to relax the day before the test, and pray. I didnt pass in the first time either, i took mine last wed march 24, and i just check the result little while ago, and it was great news. If i can, and you can too. My advice to you is don't think about that you failed it before just go as a new you. I will pray for you. Just relax and believe in god and yourself.
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    Thank you guys so much for your support . Failing it the first two times was my fault for not studying as I should. I am plenty prepared now. I truly believe that with prayer and trust in God I can conquer my fears and pass this. I am one of those people that get nervous and anxious really bad at tests (ONLY when I am testing something ...go figure). Well, THANK YOU each and everyone for your support. Very kind people. I will let you know of my results on Thursday. I am so ready for tomorrow. Happy, excited, nervous, anxious. GOD is my strength and with Him anything is possible. Thank you for your prayers again. AVANTE!!! Cu el in frunte voi fi victorios! Amin. My prayers are with the rest that have to take it too! :smackingf (all the feelings we go thru with NCLEX :-))...Love those smiley faces)

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    Quote from mabama27
    You will be on our prayer. Try to relax the day before the test, and pray. I didnt pass in the first time either, i took mine last wed march 24, and i just check the result little while ago, and it was great news. If i can, and you can too. My advice to you is don't think about that you failed it before just go as a new you. I will pray for you. Just relax and believe in god and yourself.
    for passing. Thank you for the prayers

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