Failed Nclex twice. Taking it 3rd time and last on March 30, 2010. Need prayer


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Hello future fellow and current nurses

I am taking the Nclex exam for the 3rd time :imdbb: . It's so discouraging to fail and then retake, but I can not give up. I am studying now Hurst, Saunders questions and Kaplan strategies :sstrs:. Did any of you do any of these? I am so scared and so nervous :uhoh3:. No one knows when I am taking this time the NCLEX. I need some prayer and encourangemnt please on March 30th at 2:00 pm. I need to pass this time. I am trying to take it before April 1 changes. Actually that is the last day I can take the test according to my ATT. I pray and hope that each and everyone on this site that is in my shoes to pass Nclex for once :bowingpur. Thank you guys for your support :tku:


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I took the hurst online review and it was great. I also failed my neclex the first time with 205 questions. Keep the faith and study only one review so u won't confuse yourself, but I know hurst review is great my mom and I both used it!!! Good luck read each qustion twice and go with ur first instinct don't read into the question and start second guessing:yeah:


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I wish you the best of luck, hope you pass on your 3rd time.


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Wishing you good luck.


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Thank you guys. I WILL PASS :-)


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dont give up.. you are so close:):heartbeat

Every night I try to make sure that I include a quick prayer for ppl taking the NCLEX as well as other tests that others are taking.

Good luck and stay positive!!


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best of're in my prayers..


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I can relate to you in more ways than you can imagine studygalrn! i Just took boards for the 4th time Yesterday March 10th. I graduated in May 2008. Took them in july, then nov, then april 2009, then waited one whole year! can you believe that? i am sure you can. i know exactly how you feel. Never EVER wanting to go back to the Dreadful exam place. I knew that place like the back of my hand by the 4th time. my anxiety was full blown, and even Thinking about the test made me Sick. Ppl at work asked me all the time when i was going to take, and that made me sick too. So, i know Exactly how you feel. the first 3 xs i took the test, got all 265 q's. this last time 85! how amazing. with 100% of ALL my experience with test taking/strategies... Hurst Review ALL THE WAYY!!! i bought saunders like u as well, and kaplan. it is good to familarize urself w/ q's and answering them, But i would know the hurst review book all the way, 100% without hesitation. That, Alone, will help u pass! i will tell u right now my anxiety increased Each time i kept going back. This last time, anxiety at a peak. Just try to look beyond that. Like you, i wanted to pass before april 1st--so there is a lot riding. But you have to cope with that, tell yourself....U CAN DO IT! i left the center crying, upset, (like i did the other times) and one IMPORTANT FACTOR: if you dont pass This time. Do Not Give Up! i waited a whole YEAR b/c i was in Fear.... and during this time, i prob only studied a good 6 months. but please Do Not Give Up! its hard to stay positive, i wanted to go back to school for something else, and almost did.... im sure you've contemplated this too...But u can do it! if u got thru nrsg school, u can do it! Let me know if this helps! and Good Luck!!!!!!!!


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good luck and I wish you well on you test!! :)


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3's a charm. I just took the exam for the 3rd time yesterday so I know exactly how you feel. You are in my prayers. Hope we pass/ passed. I reviewed with saunders questions and stuck a sticky tab with my name, RN to remind me what I've been striving for (and also to cover up the # of questions that I reviewed). Keep your faith and your chin up. Best of luck to ya!


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Thank you so much for your advice. I will study Hurst mostly. Thank you and Congrats on passing nclex.