Failed in Hurst Review

  1. hi everyone,
    has anyone tried using the popular Hurst Review but still failed ?

    This thread may sound as negative but i just want know if Hurst Review prove to live its hype.
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  3. by   hbhalla
    i have not give mt nclex withit but its a very good review.........helps uunderstand the concepts
  4. by   avaloncar
    My school offered ATI. But I went to a nursing conference and I sat in with a HURST reviewer class and I thought it was so fun. It actually helped me understand a topic that I was so confused about. But I guess it would help you.
  5. by   zanedee
    What were your scores in the practice exams?
  6. by   tiss
    Does anyone know the scores to get on the Hurst Review test to acually pass NECLEX?
  7. by   zanedee
    I haven't read any recommended score from Hurst however, according to them, the median score of their test takers who passed were 85/125.
  8. by   Belle2013
    I did hurst and I'd say it lives up to the hype. I completely say my success in 75 questions on Nclex was due to hurst! My scored were 86 to 96 the first five tests. The final test I made a 106/126. I think the program is phenomenal.
  9. by   calivianya
    I'm doing a Hurst review right now, so I obviously can't say if I've passed or failed yet, but Hurst is awesome. The review leader makes you verbalize and talk to your neighbor, and makes you all repeat things so you obviously have it. The way they explain things also makes it super simple. I'm scheduled to take my NCLEX June 4th and now I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and take it earlier... Hurst is making me feel a lot more confident!
  10. by   tiss
    Thanks to everyone that replied. I still need to study more because l am getting 90s over 125 right now.
  11. by   avaloncar
    Well it depended on the subject or topic, lol. But on the comprehensive at the end of school I got a 99% predictability of passing NCLEX.
  12. by   shay&lynn
    I graduate in December (this year).

    Would love to hear more about Hurst...

    I did watch the Fluid and Electrolyte part I on YouTube that someone so kindly shared...I kinda liked it and thought about using that on top of our schools mandatory ATI.

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  13. by   tiss
    Theirlectures are really fun to watch, that is the best part of it
  14. by   tiss
    Here is a question that l want some inputs on
    [FONT="Arial"]The nurse is instructing a client withmoderate persistent asthma on the proper method for using MDI's (multi-doseinhalers). Which medication should be administered first?
    [FONT="Arial"]Bottom of Form

    [FONT="Arial"]1 Steroid[FONT="Arial"]2 Anticholinergic
    [FONT="Arial"]3 Mast cell stabilizer
    [FONT="Arial"]4 Beta agonist