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Hi everyone, congratulations what a relief. I want everyone that pass to reply. I need some advice. Can u tell me what are your resources. What to look out for because everyone is passing. I want to... Read More

  1. by   SNB1014
    I graduated on Dec 13. I started studying for my.nclex Rn a day or so after Christmas. I took my boards and passed in 75q on Jan 24th.
    My resources:
    Saunders 5th exam. My suggestion: use the pretest and study function on the cd. Do all the qs and get immediate feedback. The book is dry content, only read what you are shaky on. You'll be more efficient that way.
    Pda by lacharity. I used this during school to study, but go over everything!!! I found the prioritization qs to be most helpful. I worked as a tech so I was familiar with.how to delegate to a tech, but many find it helpful. Read the rationales for right and wrong answers!!!
    Lastly, kaplan 2012-2013 green book and cd. I went through everything, all questions used the free kaplan resources online that are associated. Use the cd.
    The questions are similar /harder to the.nclex but the rationales, imo, suck if you don't actually understand why you are.wrong/made a lucky guess lol
    The AN study guide is helpful with phrases that jog your memory.
    I encourage you very strongly (!!!!) To study infection control/communicable diseases, priority pt teaching associated with major chronic conditions. I had easily 50% SATA. For meds, think major groups of cardiac meds and meds that have specific instructions like digoxin, coumadin, mag sulfate etc
    Good luck. It.was honestly not as hard as I thougt it would be.
    Keep in mind it is an entry to nursing practice and minimum competency. It just is a big deal because it is what you have been working for and is your entry ticket, so to speak. Anxiety is worse than the questions.
    I actually took my prescribed prn anxiety meds before walking in 30mins ahead like Pearson suggests. I did deep breathing and prayed right before. I also took about 90mins for my 75qs....go slow, you don't get any bonus points for being super quick.
    You can do it!

    Ps I'm typing this on my phone so sorry for typos !
  2. by   AlessaRose
    Quote from EMEddie
    You can do 10,000 questions before the exam, but if you dont understand why you are getting the questions right or wrong, then you are just cheating yourself.

    I would suggest to chose 2 sources to study, 1 for content and 1-2 for questions. The Key is to know WHY you are getting the questions wrong. Lets say you get one question wrong due to not knowing the content, read about that content right and there, dont put it off. Have google opened, and read about it, understand it. Once you know why you got the question right/wrong and understand it, move to the next question. The Key here is to be consistent: Study content hardcore 6-7 hrs a day for 2-3 weeks and then do questions every day for 2-3 weeks ~200 per day. You need to be confident that you are going to pass this test.

    Everyone gets nervous and its normal, I was super nervous, but once you get to the testing center, know that you will pass, have faith and TAKE YOUR TIME. Read the question twice before you look at the answers, then look at each answer, is this answer giving you the answer to the stem of the question? Does it make sense?
    This is exactly what I did and it worked for me!!! except I did one content then 100-200 questions each day (but still similar, i googled, youtubed things i didnt understand) 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week for a month.

    kemifair --good luck to you!! You will pass!! You can do it!!! Know that you can! believe in yourself! I know you can do it! I'll keep you in my prayer..
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  3. by   kemifair
    Thank u alessa I need the prayers.
  4. by   dori1987
    I just failed my nclex and dont know what to do! Any tips I took kaplan and studied every day I am devastated
  5. by   St_Claire
    Quote from dori1987
    I just failed my nclex and dont know what to do! Any tips I took kaplan and studied every day I am devastated
    Make a new topic so people will know what you are looking for. You will get your results in the mail pretty soon that will tell you where you need to focus.