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OK I know this sounds stupid but I have a friend that gets really freaked out before big tests like finals, HESI, NCLEX, and usually we get together and a few days before I start throwing out random facts at her. On 2 different... Read More

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    Quote from suzanne4
    just posting this as a reminder:

    you cannot copy things from other sources to be posted here without their written consent to do so as per the us copyright laws. and these are all copy-righted sources.

    to say that they are from a certain source does not actually meet the requirements of this.

    please refer to the tos of this forum for more clarification on this matter.
    thanks suzanne,

    mine are from what i remember in school is that okay if we learned it but just remember???
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    That is just fine, but when they are placed here and stated that they are taken from either Kaplan or Saunders, that is what gets into trouble with the lawyers and we do not want that.
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    Great thread. Check all these for accuracy before committing them to memory of course and feel free to correct me if needed.

    1. Dilantin can cause gingival hypoplasia, advise good oral hygiene and freq. dental visits, IVP 25-50 mg/min

    2. Placentia Previa is painless, bright red bleed

    3. Abruption is painful, board-like abdomen

    4. Need MAP of 70-90 to perfuse organs

    5. Vitamin C can cause false + occult blood
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    Suzanne4 the facts are not word for word out of the books I just threw them in as an example so people would know that the info was not just stuff I threw out of my head. The info can be found in any nursing book. That is the reason I wanted to post random quick facts and not question style facts. Sorry!

    ** SO guys no posting word for word out of any books!
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    oh ohhh here is one...

    MAP= diastolic x 2 + systolic
    divided by 3

    For some reason my mind went blank on that for a critical care final!
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    Just wanted to say that I think this is a great idea and a great thread. Please keep it up. Will try to contribute when I get a chance.:spin:
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    1. celiac disease cant have BROW! BARLEY RYE OAT WHEAT

    2. any eye surgery place on pt on unaffected side

    3. if pt has lung cancer, craniotomy, or some kinda pituitary surgery watch for diabetes insipidus

    4. sickle cell- hydration hydration important and treat pain if in crisis

    5.dont palpate a wilm's tumor on the peds pt. can cause cancer cells to be released!

    oh one more:

    6. terbutaline (Brethine) and mag sulfate- tx for preterm labor

    i like this forum!!
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    Here's some pharmacology:
    Librium-antianxiety used to tx symptoms of acute alcohol withdrawal.
    Cogentin-used to tx parkinsonian side effects of Thorazine (antipsychotic med)
    Methadone hydrochloride-opiod analgesic; tx for narcotic withdrawal
    Procardia-antianginal med (CCB) decreases myocardial O2 demand.
    Digoxin-strengthens myocardial contractio0n & slows conduction thru AV node
    Coumadin-inhiits prothrombin synthesis
    Amicar-antifibrinolytic; prevents recurrence of subarachnoid hemorhage.
    Lithium-tx manic phase of bipolar
    Nimodipine-CCB; decreases spasm in cerebral blood vessels
    diltiazem-CCB; inhibits Ca+ influx in vascular smooth muscle; reduces myocardial O2 demand & decreases force of ventricular contraction
    clotrimazole-antifungal; treats rashes.
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    NEVER NEVER NEVER administer KCl via IV push.
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    The level in the water seal chamber (chest tubes) fluctuates with respiration- no fluctuation indicates an obstruction and excessive bubbling indicates an air leak.

    Stay with the client for 15 minutes at the start of a blood transfusion.

    Nephrotic Syndrome leads to proteinuria while Glomerulonephritis leads to hematuria.

    Goodell's Sign is the softening of the cervix at the start of the 2nd month of pregnancy

    Nagele's Rule is First date of last menstrual period + 7 days - 3 months + 1year.

    Vinca Alkaloids (Vincristine) lead to neurotoxicity and can present with numbness and tingling in the legs or paralytic ileus.

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