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  1. Melony, RN

    I took my Nclex exam yesterday!

    I too had 75 questions. I thought for sure I failed with all the SATA questions that I got. Take a deep breath. Let it out. And Relax. More then likely you passed. It seems as if more pass at 75 questions then fail. I know its hard to do, but there is nothing you can do now. When you read those 4 sweet little letters that say PASS on your quick results...all your emotions will sweep over you. Your finally done...Your a nurse! Good luck!
  2. Melony, RN

    Illinois Nurses for Obama???

    He may be a junior senator for the state of illinois now, but he was in the Illinois state senate before he ran for the US Senate. So he did have a hand in what our situation is like now. Dont get me wrong I do like Obama. I come from a working class family, rooted in unions. I am hoping that he does get elected as President because I dont think our country can go through another 8 years like we just have. Can it get worse? Lord I hope not.
  3. Melony, RN

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    I live in north central IL and the area seems to pay new grad rns anywhere from 19 to 22 per hour base pay and then most of the hospitals pay 3 dollar shift diff for midnights. Its not bad for the area since the cost of living is lower then Chicago.
  4. Melony, RN

    to ppl waiting for license in IL

    It took me about 2 weeks after I tested to get my letter from the state.
  5. Melony, RN

    Took Test Monday 6/23

    Congrats to you!!! Now you can really celebrate!!*wine
  6. Melony, RN

    How far did you travel to take the NCLEX?

    I tested on Fri the 13th of June.
  7. Melony, RN

    How far did you travel to take the NCLEX?

    I traveled about 60-65 miles away. That was the nearest testing center. I had to wait for 3 weeks till I could test at that center.
  8. Melony, RN

    Passed NCLEX-RN in IL, How Long til I get my Licence?

    I took mine on June 13th and still have not gotten my paperwork yet. I got my unofficial results with Pearson Vue, but nothing from the BON yet. I checked their website to see if anything was on there and its not yet. So if anyone has the answer to this question...help us out! :plsebeg:
  9. Melony, RN

    Anyone used the NCSBN questions??

  10. Melony, RN

    226 questions

  11. Melony, RN

    i just took the Nclex

  12. Melony, RN

    is the kaplan review course worth it?

    I didnt take a live face to face review. I think it is all in how you study and how you learn. What type of learner are you? DO you learn by reading, hearing it in front of you, applying it with programs? I had the Kaplan review book, I read some of their strategies and tips, did the 180 practice test CD that came with the book. I used Saunders for repetition and for content. If there was an area that I forgot, I would read the rationales. It was a good refresher. I passed with 75 questions. I dont think anyone can take that test and feel 100% prepared. You never know what kind of questions it is gonna throw at you. Sometimes you have to make an educated guess. If you can get it down to 2 choices then you have a 50-50 chance of getting it right. So, all in all, I would say that if you learn by hearing ppl lecture then do the live review, if you daze off and your mind wanders look into something else. Do what worked well for you in school.
  13. Melony, RN

    PASSED w/75 ?s and 5 math!!

    Congrats!! I had 75 questions and around 5 math questions. Sad part is I liked the Math even though I thought they were lower end questions...then I atleast knew I got a few right! LOL...I got a 853 on Hesi and passed the NCLEX with 75. I also did tons of review questions. repetition is the key!!
  14. Melony, RN

    Officially an RN now!!!

    Congrats!!! New RN!!!
  15. Melony, RN

    If I did it, I know you could do it too

  16. Melony, RN

    Post-NCLEX, pre-results Anxiety

    Congrats!!!! Doesn't it :yeah:feel wonderful!!!!