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i just failed my 3rd nclex rn last saturday. Im gonna try the nclexpn for the first time in 2 weeks.Im going to buy the exam cram pn "practice questions". Is that enough? ive been studying for nclexrn for this past 5 months.Is... Read More

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    My advice is don't buy those stupid books for studying the test. Go to ncsbn and look up nclex study! Or you could go to and study the course for nclex strategy there! Those are the same people that make the test and they want good nurses to pass! I failed my LPN exam once and learned of this site! It works miracles and wonders! Please try this site first before buying any study books!!!!! I got the exam cram and don't get me wrong, it is a good study tool, but it doesn't get you where you need to be. This site, while performing on it, if by any reason you complete the study course and the course states you are not ready for the exam, it will tell you where you are weak and make you become strong in that area before taking the post study nclex at the end.

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    thank you again for all the replies. once im financially ready,ill sign up for the ncsbn review. thanks again guys
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    did you print the study guide???
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    yes i did..its 35 pages.thank you
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    Good luck to you, keep studying , I'm taking my PN Soon for the third time and still studying , I'm using PDA, ready to pass book , lab values and the study guide , I'm praying this is my last time taking it , keep it up , pain is temporarily pride is forever
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    I am sorry to hear that! I know exactly how you feel. I have failed the NCLEX 3 times so far You are not alone!
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    ncsbn learning extension is very affordable, i guess it's only $50 for the 3 week course and $100 for the 8 week in which am into now since last week. Goodluck to us!
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    thanks guys
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    im through
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    im doing the same. im taking my lpn after failing rn couple of times

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