8-times and passed nclex-RN

  1. hi guys im been a member here since nursing school days until i passed the nclex-rn exam last april 10/18. it is been a roller coaster ride for me since i took this exam..ok lets break down what i did..dont STOP studying even you failed for how many times keep going.dont listen to NEGATIVE comments..PAUSE i saw a youtube lecturer that comment about the more you failed the exam the slim chance you pass,when i heard that comment this dude is HILARIOUS hahahaha i dont want to drop the S (stereotype) or the P (prejudice) card.but i respect that his/her insensitive opinion..anyways here we go, keep studying just one book is enough (saunders or mary-ann hogan comprehensive book) even you read cover to cover and you feel you still dont understand the content thats normal.the important thing is you read the content and understand it and you keep going. second alternate format question also know as SATA by lippincott diana rupert. third prioritization,delegation and assignment by Lacharity(please read also all the case study it help build your critical thinking). fourth just memorize the few normal values and infection control (the normal values and infection control you will find it here floating around the site. fifth just purchase the Uworld qbank..just read all the rationale from right or wrong,read them all.take down notes then repeat all your mistake if you have enough time take it again and again. and lastly dont be discourage if you are below the average score the important thing is you learn.25 to 50 a aday is enough.then make it system by system to take that qbank for example you study adult cardio after you done that next is cardio-pedia then cardio pharma the point making this one system by system to master the cardio topic at the same time you hit 3 category,then once you done all the qbank repeat it again max to 75q to built stamina dont be fixated that your exam will stop at 75(by the way nclex have 8 category 1.adult(12system) 2.pedia (12system) 3. critical care 4. fundamental 5.leadership and mgt 6.maternal and newborn 7. mental hx 8.pharma)...lastly PRAYER whatever your religion just believe and have faith.do your best and god will do the rest..amen to that.rockNroll!!!!!
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    Any chance you could use paragraphs?
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    congrats, but this needs to be moved to the NCLEX section under Students.
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    Your grammer is fairly atrocious.

    It's all part of the total package...
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    Congratulations on passing!
  7. by   Double-Helix
    Congratulations! I'm glad you were successful on your eighth attempt. However, that's not usually the case. The statement made about you being less likely to pass if you have failed multiple times is not an opinion (prejudiced or otherwise). It's based on NCLEX test statistics.
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    You betcha
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    You betcha
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    Sorry I'm using cp
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    I'll bite...should you really be the person giving people advice on how to PASS the NCLEX given that it took you 8 tries? Not taking anything away from you passing - congratulations by the way. But someone who failed eight times may not be the person one should go to. I will also respectfully disagree with your statement "just one book is enough"....maybe if you used more than one book, it would have taken less than eight tries.
  14. by   WanderingWilder
    Congratulations on passing. Its not stereotyping or prejudice though to say that the more you fail the chances are less likely you will pass. You should look at the definitions of those words. He is basing his opinion on statistics not some inner hatred of people who fail the nclex.