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Hello all! I graduated lpn nursing school in July and have not takin my boards yet! Money wise its difficult but its beyond that. I struggled hard core in class to pass so I feel as if its going to b e the same for the boards.... Read More

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    nikki - I studied saunders "nclex-pn examination" 4th edition exclusively to prep. I did every single one of the 3700 bonus questions on CD, also memorized lab values, using mneumonic devices whenever helpful (several of which I got right here on AN).

    the CD will concentrate on information that will probably appear on the nclex, will also give you a good idea on how questions are worded, answers and justifications for same.

    quit messin around, start studying, and don't wait any longer to take the test.

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    Now that you're answering questions with the app and getting your brain back into the game, please go online to PV and SIGN UP!!!

    There's a 100% chance you'll fail if you don't take the test.

    Sending hugs...you can do it!!!
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    I think theres a couple of free nclex apps too if i remember correctly. Just type in nclex and some should come up. I did thousands of questions. I def reccomend that bc it truly teaches you how to answer questions, esp when you dont know the right answer. On my nclex, i passed with 75questions, and honestly didnt know about 60 of them, but i guessed correctly. Set a date asap, bc that will light the fire to force you to study! Good luck!
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    I graduated in late August and took the exam in mid-October. I sort of used Saunders and the
    ATI books but didn't end up studying seriously. I told myself that if I failed the first time, then I'd buckle down... passed with 75Qs so it proved to be a non-issue.

    My recommendation is to just do it... delaying is not likely to help you.
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    Hey Nikki,

    I too was really anxious about taking the test. I had heard that some of my fellow students had failed on their first attempt. I decided to just sign up with Pearson Vue and then just study my buns off.

    I got the NCLEX-PN Flashcards (don't know if they still make those or not) and they were reallyhelpful. Just make sure you know your lab values, all of them.

    Study up on Sickle Cell Anemia, there were about 4 questions about that on my boards. Also, make sure you study questions about the LPN 'role' as far as in a clinical setting. Know what the LPN can and cannot do, and know when it's appropriate or necessary to notify the RN of changes to the patient - there were about 10 questions like
    that on my boards.

    Good luck! You will pass! Don't put it off!

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    Thank you for the tips..idk why im so nervous. I haven't heard of anyone failing nclex. Im just setting myself up for failure..ive been studying a lot recently so im going to sign up as soon as I grt the money to do so

    What lab values did u need to know..I lnow u say all of them but I have a lab value book and I want to focus on the ones we ahould b familiar with
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    I wouldn't wait too long to take it, but the notion that the longer you wait, the more likely you are to fail depends. If you stay with it while you wait to take NCLEX, then you will be fine. I graduated in May and didn't take NCLEX until September--it was 4 months and one week after graduating. I studied, but I was going through stuff with the BON, so I had to wait. I passed with 75 questions, the first time.

    *Mine was NCLEX registered nurse edition, not LPN.
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    Hi, I graduated from LPN school in June 2012, took a NCLEX Review class our school offered for free over the summer and at the same time did all the online ATI questions, the CD from the Saunders Book (the red one) & I also studied lab values. I did 60-100 questions a day and took the NCLEX exam on October 2, 2012. I was REALLY scared too but I forced myself to take it since our school paid the $200 if we completed the review class over the summer. I have to admit I felt like I failed after I left but I guess everyone does. The machine shut off at 85 and I thought that was horrible but I passed. It was definately worth it to get the results within a couple of days. That is my experience, hope it helps.
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    As far as lab values I would study the all of the normal values for the
    electrolytes, red and white blood cells, liver enzymes, BUN, CRIT, vitamins
    (b12, D). Those seem like the ones that pop up most on the boards. I
    would print out a cheat sheet of lab values like this one...

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    study them _all_. Know them by heart. Put them on flashcards if you need
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    U must do it soon; I worked with a MHW who waited too long.

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