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2 days before NCLEX any tips?

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    I took 2 days off to relax, but i cant seem to free my mind of the test, I am taking NCLEX-RN in less than 2 days, and i feel really nervous.
    I used bunch of materials for review but i used Saunders constantly,
    I've been doing practice tests for about 3 weeks now, on NCSBN my q bank scores will range from 65%-80's, i just finished the q bank scores 2 days ago.
    my recent pretest score was 72%,
    Saunders 70-75%,
    NCLEX 4000 65%-75%
    this morning i practiced on (nclex4000 and Saunders) and got 72%.
    did couple of questions from la charity, 50-60%

    I'm just really nervous right now, I don't know what to expect since this is my first time and hopefully the last too. wish me luck.

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    Believe in yourself. You'll pass. You've done everything you could, now you have to apply it. Think of it as another practice test.
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    Good luck! will keep you in my prayers.
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    Finish looking at the books a day before then just take some time for yourself. No last minute cramming; I doubt it will do you a lick of good on a test like that. Good luck!!
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    You used some of the most recommended review materials. You should be fine!! If you must do something, review your weakest area. Mines is psych so that what I'll prob be doing my last couple days. Say your prayers and good luck!!
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    thank you all so much!
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    I took the test today- i think i failed. ;(
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    Did you do the PVT?
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    it says, "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam... please contact your member board for further assistance. another registration cannot be made at this time"... I applied for california...
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    Thats the "good" pop-up!!!!
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    OH MY GOD, i dont want to celebrate yet. i still feel anxious, but the "good pop up" helps. thank you so much.
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    does it matter which state you applied in? i applied in California and quick results are not available...i am so anxious still. but i am hoping this PVT really works.