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I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN! I needed to get my two children on track with homeschool before I focused on NCLEX preparations. 6 months later and the time has come! I will formally begin preparing for NCLEX as of 1-1-13. ... Read More

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    Quote from ekb2011
    I'm in and u graduated back in dec 2005 but I'm getting motivated to study.
    I mean I graduated 2005

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    Quote from Nurse_AR415
    I am with you guys as well. Planning on taking NCLEX RN in February.
    Same here! Planning to take it in February as well.

    So far I'm done with Saunders Study Mode 4435 Qs.
    And now, I'm starting Hurst Videos and PDA by La Charity pdf Qs (both downloaded online) alternately per subject for a week.
    Then Planning to sign up for NCSBN 3 week NCLEX-RN review plus NCLEX 4000

    Good luck to us and Happy New Year to all!!
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    I am planning to take my NCLEX in about 2 weeks now.... SO NERVOUS!!!.... with confidence and encouragement from others I am sure that ALL of us will do well!! =)
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    Thanks for the motivation! Taking NCLEX for the first time on 1/10/13 and just now getting really nervous! Will start studying on Jan. 1! Now that my date is getting closer to take the exam, I wish I would have studied more! Just graduated from nursing school on 12-12-12. It's nice to get to chat with others that are going through the same feelings! My instructors told us that our school has a 96% passing rate on the NCLEX-RN so I really wasn't fearful about it until I started talking with others who did not pass it the first time and said it was harder than they thought it was going to be. I feel like I need longer to study, but also think the sooner after graduation the better...any thoughts?
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    Hi everyone! Taking my exam 01-04-13. I've been studying, studying, stuDYING. 200-300 questions per day-Saunders, Exam Cram, LaCharity, Mosby. I'm getting super nervous
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    Greetings all, I graduated 12/15 and I plan on testing the second week of March. I am currently using; Saunders, Kaplan, and PDA. My school had a mandatory Kaplan review.
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    I've never heard of this Kaplan review? Our school used ATI and recommended Hurst review. I do use the Saunders NCLEX book and have found it to be super helpful! Good luck to you all, I'm nervous too!!!
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    nurse2be we have the same test date! it is creeping up on us fast! I using kaplan to study
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    Count me in. I'm a new grad and have just begun studying Kaplan online.
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    I'm taking it Jan 14th and just graduated with my BSN this December. Using Kaplan and LaCharity. We can do this!!!!
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