Penn Valley Compass Test Requirment

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    do i have to take compass test to start penn valley practical nursing program? i have a undergraduate 10 years ago. but i want to move to rn or practical nursing field.

    any help to how can i avoid the compass test and get admission in penn valley nursing program.

    thanks in advance.
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    There is no way of getting around the Hobet test for Penn Valley's Practical Nursing Program. I went to Penn Valley's LPN Nursing program and it is mandatory that you take the entrance test. You got to pass it to get into the LPN program. There are no shortcuts in nursing although there are alot of side street schools out there that offer Nursing Programs and somehow people are able to enter the Nursing program without taking the entrance test but they cost a lot of money to go to and you don't have the Nursing Skills that you are suppose to have, which makes and incompetent nurse.
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    Thank you. I am preparing to take the test soon.
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    Quote from mitaly09
    Thank you. I am preparing to take the test soon.
    That is great!! Good luck on your test. It's not that bad

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